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Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Krishna Chali London: Krishna faints down at the airport in order to avoid the deporting. Shuklain yells at the authorities for not caring for Krishna. Krishna gets the medical aid. The officer tries to help her and cancels their trip. Shuklain learns Krishna’s plan. Triloki comes to rescue Bela from Dadda. He also falls in trouble. Gajanan reaches there to fight with the goons. Triloki asks Gajanan to save Bela. Dadda and his goons capture everyone. Dadda is sure that no one can beat him in his game. He tells them that he will ruin their lives. He catches all the family members. He asks them to see what he does with Bela. Bela shouts for help. Krishna tricks the officer and manages to leave from the airport. She gets helpless to hurt the officer, since she has to save Radhe and Shukla.

Radhe gets angered when the goon challenges him to show the power of his love. Shukla family get troubled by Dadda. They get praying that nothing happens to Radhe and Krishna. Radhe gets help and gains courage. He inspires the people to not lose up so soon and fight with the goons for the sake of themselves and their families.

The people get motivated by his speech. Radhe and the people get rid of their fears and show the right place to the goons by initiating the fight. Krishna and Shuklain come to their rescue. Radhe and Shukla get glad to find their supportive wives. Radhe and Krishna unite happily. Shukla happily announces Radhe and Krishna’s union and their London trip to fulfill Krishna’s dream.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam’s family fears for her life and sense that she is in danger. Fawad rescues Mariam and asks her to get up to fight with him. He asks Mariam to wake up. He sheds tears for her. Madiha gets restless. She wants to find Mariam herself. Zain comes to help them. He tells them that he couldn’t find Mariam till now. Rifat doesn’t want Mariam to return to the family. Fawad can’t tolerate losing out Mariam. He gets praying for Mariam. Mariam gains consciousness. Rifat asks the goons to kill Mariam and also the guy who saved her life. She isn’t aware that Fawad is the guy with Mariam. The goon tells her that he has killed Mariam.

Fawad gets glad that Mariam came back to senses. Rifat is sure that anyone’s prayers can’t get Mariam back. She stays in the happy misconception that Mariam is dead. The goon goes to confirm Mariam’s death. He doesn’t see Mariam anywhere. Fawad tells Mariam that he can’t see her in pain, he was yearning to find her and even prayed for her. She gets glad by his gestures. She wants to hear his love confession. Fawad tries to make a love confession to her and gets interrupted by the goons. He tries to run away with Mariam.

The goons reach them and shoot at Mariam. Rifat is sure that Mariam can’t get out of her trap this time. Fawad gets worried for Mariam, when she gets shot down. The goon informs Rifat that he has shot Mariam and Fawad. He asks for the reward for the big task. Rifat gets happy that she got rid of Mariam finally.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag learns the reason behind Prerna’s decision to marry Navin. He tries to stop the marriage. He fails to convince Prerna to back off from the marriage. He is left with an only option, that’s to change the bride. Mohini acts like doing a great act by helping Sharma family with the marriage preparations. Anurag wishes that Prerna hears the call of his heart. Madhuri doesn’t welcome Prerna and her family.

She turns jealous to see Navin with Prerna. She feels sorrowful. Anurag wants to take advantage of the bride’s ghunghat, which will conceal the bride’s identity until the marriage completes. Anurag makes an unexpected move on seeing his love marrying someone else. He takes a shocking decision and gets Madhuri in Prerna’s place. Shivani helps Anurag in his plans. She asks him to stop the marriage some how. He shares his plans with Shivani. He knows Madhuri loves Navin madly and takes her help. Anurag gets helpless to strike at Prerna and faint her down. He employs Anupam for this task. They make Prerna unconscious.

Anurag hides Prerna from everyone. Anupam also wants Prerna and Navin’s marriage to get cancelled. He totally helps Anurag. They trick Mohini from knowing their plans. They get lying to Navin to get Prerna out of sight. Navin will be getting married to Madhuri again.


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