Yeh Rishta Naira to make an unthinkable decision

Kartik and Naira Unforgettable memories to find a way

Yeh Rishta Naira refuses to sign the dance festival invite. She couldn’t reveal her pregnancy to the family. She tells Kartik that she won’t be able to handle dance festival in this state. She tells them that Kartik worries for her a lot. She shows great understanding. The family feels proud of her for thinking much for Kartik. They ask Naira to complain to them if Kartik troubles her. Naira tells them that she is fine and will take care of herself. Kartik and Naira have the birthday cake.

She wants to tell him about her pregnancy. She gets afraid that he will get annoyed with her. She feels she should share the matter with him once, since he has a right to know, being the father of the child. She doesn’t know if she is doing right by hiding about the baby. She feels bad to lie to Kartik. She just gets scared of his denial again, and wants to avoid the bad moment. Kartik can’t stay away from her. He doesn’t know what sorrow she is dealing with. He reaches her to surprise her with his romance ideas. Kartik and Naira spend some romantic moments. Kartik expresses her love for Naira.

Naira feels she shouldn’t disappoint Kartik by revealing the pregnancy news, since his happiness will be finished. She lets him stay in his happy mood, while she pretends to be happy to him. Naira hides the note she left for him, thinking its destiny that Kartik didn’t read it.

Manish and Suwarna feel Naira is worried for some reason and hiding it from them. Suwarna tells Manish that Naira should share the matter with them or Kartik. She wishes that there is no trouble for Naira. She feels helpless to leave Naira in stress and go to her brother’s place for an emergency. Naira realizes that Kartik hasn’t read about her pregnancy. She accepts the situation and thinks to take a decision on her pregnancy alone. Naksh looks after Kirti well. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani come handy.

They solve Naksh and Kirti’s little issues. Kirti tells Nakish that she wants to assist in the surprise party. Naksh and Kirti spend some lovey dovey moments. He wants to see Kirti happy always. Kirti feels lucky to get him. Kartik tells everyone that he has hidden the surprise from Naira. He feels sorrowful that Naira didn’t remember her birthday and is upset too. He wants to make sure that Naira enjoys her birthday well. He promises himself to give her all the happiness.

Yeh Rishta Naira loves Kartik’s surprise

Naira speaks to the doctor and tells her that she couldn’t tell Kartik about her pregnancy. She fears of revealing the pregnancy to Kartik and takes a rash decision. She sheds tears over her big decision over the baby. The doctor agrees to support Naira in her decision of discontinuing the pregnancy. Naira feels sorry and apologizes to the baby for her decision to abort it.

Kartik misses to hear her conversation. Naira feels Kartik isn’t ready to become a father because of her health issues. She doesn’t want to trouble Kartik more by talking to him over and over again. She knows he will not agree to accept the pregnancy phase. She recollects his words of not having a child as of now. Naksh and Kirti get Naira’s reports and learn about her pregnancy. Singhanias get happy for Naira. Naira wants to send Kartik to the room to discuss her decision. She gets the lovely surprise by Kartik. She gets amazed and grateful to Kartik. Kartik and Goenkas learn about Naira’s pregnancy.


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