Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer compels Zara for begging

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Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara feels Kabeer loves her. She stays positive when he comes to meet her. Kabeer asks Zara to beg for money. He gets her to the mosque and asks her to sit with the beggars. Zara’s dad gets a shock seeing Kabeer’s madness. Kabeer says Zara has told me that if I don’t give her money, she will beg on roads. He asks her dad to just stand there and wait the drama. Zara tells Kabeer that she will beg if Kabeer wants this. Zara stands with the beggars. She gets some food parcel and money by people.

Zara didn’t know she will see this day. She stays strong and doesn’t deter. Police reaches there to catch some people. Zara gets arrested by police. Kabeer gets Zara insulted in anger. He wants to fulfill Zara’s wish, since he isn’t a hard working husband as she wants. Zara’s dad asks Kabeer to come to senses and see what he has done. Kabeer says Zara has told me that she will beg if I don’t fulfill her financial needs, she was claiming big and now its time for her to turn it true. He doesn’t pity Zara. Zara stays with her self-esteem.


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