Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer gets reprimanded for his actions

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara’s dad meets Shahbaz and yells about Kabeer, who has compelled Zara to beg at the mosque. He says your son has insulted Zara by making her stand with the beggars. Kabeer says I loved Zara a lot, when I have done this, I have died within, I wasn’t happy. He tells him that Zara is paying for her deeds. Zara’s dad says you don’t be ashamed now, I m ashamed to choose as the community head, you are an emotional fool. He scolds Kabeer for making such flop decisions. He says if you can’t handle your wife and give her a good life, what will you handle the community.

He says you have taken a bad step in anger, you didn’t think of ruining Zara’s esteem, but also lowered your and your dad’s pride by insulting Zara. Kabeer had come in Shahbaz’s instigating. Zara wants Kabeer to change for the good. Zara’s dad asks Kabeer to come to his home and take Zara when he gets capable and earns his living on himself. Zara and Kabeer’s fight gets dragging. Zara’s dad takes Zara with him.

He doesn’t want Zara to face any humiliation. Zara sheds tears. She tells her dad that she doesn’t want to lose Kabeer. She wants to stay with Kabeer. She gets her dad’s blessings. She tells her dad that she has her Maayka and all of his dad’s assets and properties, but she will come to him when she loses, she wants to keep trying and convince Kabeer. She doesn’t want Kabeer to get mislead. She wants Kabeer to make a place for himself in the society by having a decent job, along with serving their community.


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