Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag’s huge victory of love

Kasautii Zindagii Bajaj entry to happen next

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Madhuri gets angered when Navin refuses to have any relationship with her and insults her. Madhuri admits Navin’s crimes to the family. She also reveals Navin’s dark intentions behind marrying Prerna. The entire family gets a big shock. Anurag and Madhuri join hands to expose Navin’s evil face. Rajesh loses his cool on knowing the truth. Rajesh gets angry on Navin. Anurag exposes Navin and breaks Prerna’s marriage. Rajesh wishes to slap Navin. He scolds Navin for trying to ruin Prerna’s life. He tells Navin that he will kill him. Moloy calms down Rajesh. Rajesh cries knowing the reason behind Prerna’s sacrifice.

Anurag leaves Navin with the family, so that the family punishes him. Anurag goes to meet Prerna. He tells Prerna that he has broken her marriage with Navin and now none can snatch her happiness.

He tells her how he got Navin married to his first wife Madhuri. Prerna gets a huge shock when Navin gets exposed in her eyes. She regrets for not believing Anurag before. She feels guilty. She hugs Anurag. They share an emotional moment. Madhuri has turned against Navin, knowing he is wrong and is cheating her this time. She can’t tolerate humiliation from him. Navin gets totally cornered. Mohini hates Navin knowing Navin has tried to kill Anurag and plotted the deadly accident.


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