Upcoming twists in Colors’ mega hits

Upcoming twists in Colors' mega hits

Upcoming twists in Udaan: Chakor celebrates Suraj and her wedding anniversary. She throws a grand party just for Anjor’s sake. Raghav gets in Suraj’s role once again. He stays with Chakor all the while in the party. Chakor gets into the old memories and reminisces Suraj. Chakor and Suraj have a romantic moment in her dream. Chakor misses Suraj by all her heart. She finds it hard to live without him. Anjor likes the party. She welcomes all the guests by giving roses. She is very happy for her parents. Anjor does many arrangements of Chakor and Suraj’s anniversary. She gets a big portrait of Chakor and Suraj. She asks Leela to help her and fix it to highlight. She regards Raghav as Suraj.

Chakor likes the party planned by Anjor. Anjor makes sure that everything is perfect. Tejaswini knows that Suraj is no more and acts happy for the sake of Anjor. She tells Chakor that this party wasn’t needed. She is bit upset seeing Chakor celebrating with Raghav. Akash tells Tejaswini that Chakor is doing right and hiding the truth from Anjor.

Someone kidnaps Anjor. Raghav and Chakor get worried. They call the police home. The kidnapper calls Chakor and asks her not to involve the police, else he will harm Anjor. Inspector asks Chakor not to worry, he will look into the matter. The investigations begin. The party gets called off. Raghav gets scolding the kidnapper. He wants to track the kidnapper and nab him. Tejaswini gets to see Raghav’s protective side for the first time.

Internet Wala Love:

Jai asks Aadhya about her lover’s name. He wants to know who is her boyfriend. He gets troubling Aadhya. Aadhya fails to tell him that its actually him whom she loves so much. He gets her love letter and tries to read the guy’s name. Aadhya snatches the letter from him. She doesn’t want Jai to know her feelings this way. Jai reads that her love has changed her entire life, her lover has filled colors in her black and white life. Jai asks her who is the lucky guy who brought happiness in his life. Jai checks the letter and doesn’t see any name written. Aadhya turns upset with Jai. He says you should have written the name for once, who is he. Rupa stops Jai from compelling Aadhya. He tells her that he will find the name some how, its fine if she gets upset. Rupa doesn’t want Jai to know Aadhya’s feelings. She fears that Jai will reciprocate Aadhya’s feelings.


Rukaiya and Maanbai get torturing Anarkali. They take Akbar’s help to get Anarkali punished. There is a new entry of Nargis. Nargis slaps Anarkali and insults her publicly. Akbar has sent Anarkali to Nargis to turn Anarkali into a dancer. When Anarkali refuses to Nargis, she gets reprimanded badly. Akbar has condemned Anarkali and asks Nargis to train Anarkali. Nargis is soft hearted, but acts rude to Anarkali. Anarkali gets scared and sheds tears, going to some corner. Nargis introduces the other dancers to Anarkali. She appears too stern. Nargis will be helping Anarkali after learning about her true love with Salim. Nargis’ belief in love returns because of Anarkali’s innocence.


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