Yeh Rishta Naira witnesses unexpected reaction from Kartik

Yeh Rishta Naira witnesses unexpected reaction from Kartik

Yeh Rishta Naira gets surprised by Kartik’s birthday surprise. Naira’s birthday celebrations continue. Kartik tells Naira that even Singhanias are coming over to wish her. Naira gets surprised with the lovely arrangements. Kartik tells them that he has planned a superb surprise for Naira. Dadi asks Kartik what tricks does he have. Kartik doesn’t reveal the surprise. Naira tries to inform Kartik about her pregnancy and the decision taken because of his will. Dadi feels that Singhanias are pulling Kartik’s leg as if they know some secret of Kartik and Naira. Kartik tells them that he will treat Naira like a queen, since she is really the queen of his life. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani tell Dadi about their special gift for Naira.

Dadi gets doubtful regarding their gifts and wants to ask if Naira is pregnant. She wants to know what is Kartik and Naira hiding from them. Kirti tells Naira that she is much happy for her. Naira wants to know where did Kartik go. Kartik surprises him by a cute teddy act. He expresses his love for Naira again. Naira thinks Kartik will be heartbroken after knowing about her decision. She wants the consequences to just happen and end. Kartik and Naira have a romantic dance.

Kartik shockingly learns about Naira’s pregnancy. He doesn’t know how to react. Naira didn’t wish Kartik to know about her pregnancy this way. Goenkas turn surprised on hearing the good news. Singhanias ask Goenkas if they didn’t know the news. Kartik get puzzled. Dadi gets upset that Naira didn’t tell them about the good news. She wants to know the reason for Naira hiding the big news. She feels Naira has told her family and didn’t feel the need to tell them. Kartik rushes to his room and gets a wonderful surprise by Naira. He gets to see the sonography report and turns emotional with Naira’s efforts.

She realizes that she wasn’t keeping anything a secret. Naira tells him that she is pregnant, and they will not continue the baby if he wants. Kirti asks both the families to be happy than being upset. Kartik feels Naira has hurt him by not sharing the news before. He accepts her pregnancy, surprising her. Kartik and Naira’s dream comes true. The families celebrate KaiRa’s parenthood.


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