High Five Spoilers Mariam Khan, Kasautii, Muskaan

Mariam Khan, Kasautii, Muskaan

Spoilers Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam and Fawad’s marriage gets fixed. Zain and Meher also decide to get married. They have a cute moment of romance. Zain happily dances when he announces that he will marry Meher. He proposes Meher for marriage and confesses his love for her. Meher likes the sweet moment when he expresses his feelings. Meher also shares her feelings. Aaliya is happy for them. Aaliya dances with Zain and Fawad. The brothers get together out of happiness. Fawad is also happy that he will be marrying Mariam. They share a moment. There will be engagement ceremonies for both the couples. Mariam tries to hide from Fawad and leave from the house to meet Majaaz. Fawad catches her and asks the reason for playing hide and seek.

Mariam doesn’t like lying to him. She tells him about Majaaz’s message for a meet up. The flowers shower on Zain and Meher. Aaliya captures their beautiful moment in camera. She tells them that she has taken picture with her parents for the first time. She accepts Meher as her mum, since Meher has always loved her a lot. On the other hand, Fawad tells Mariam that he was looking for her since long. He says our marriage is fixed, but I thought of having a small engagement right now, this thread ring is for you, this won’t let our love end ever. He makes Mariam wear the special ring. They have a romantic moment.

Muskaan learns the shocking truth that Sir ji has faked the heart attack to stop Ronak and her marriage. She feels bad that Ronak is very happy that the marriage broke. She has developed feelings for Ronak, but is unable to tell him. She knows that Ronak will never accept her love. She tries to keep her self-esteem and hide her feelings from Ronak. She also knows that she will lose Gayatri’s immense love when her truth comes out. Muskaan lives her fake happiness, knowing the happy bubble can burst any time.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:
Jaya and Samar have a filmi romance. They perform romantic dance in the birthday bash. Jaya celebrates her birthday with love Samar. Everyone is happy for Jaya and Samar. The family comes together and dance. There comes a twist. Samar’s sister Sarika and Akash come in the party and blame Jaya for breaking their relation. Samar gets angered knowing Jaya has broken Sarika’s family. He vents out anger on Jaya and decides to get separated. Jaya tries to prove her innocence. She fails to prove anything. Jaya cries and asks Samar to believe her, since Akash is cheating Sarika. Samar doesn’t listen to her and packs her bags. He ousts Jaya from the house. Akash wins in his evil scheming.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai learns that Aadhya is in love with someone. He wants to be sure that she is in love with the right person. He is her good friend and wants to protect her. He wants to know who is her boyfriend, so that he knows the person and gets sure about him. He wants Aadhya to be safe always. He makes a list of questions and asks Aadhya to just answer those questions if she doesn’t want to tell the guy’s name. Aadhya doesn’t answer him and runs away. He finds her at the dupatta shop and asks her why did she run away. He wants to know if she has come to market to meet her boyfriend. He gets complimenting Aadhya as a friend. Aadhya finds hard to hide her feelings from Jai. She gets confused over expressing love to him. She realizes that Jai just regards her a friend and doesn’t want to lose his friendship by confessing love.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
After Navin’s chapter gets over, Komolika will be returning back in the show. Komolika will be making in Basu family and introducing her entire family. Komolika and her troubling family will be new obstacles for Anurag and Prerna’s love story.


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