Silsila Kunal to bring a storm in Mauli’s life

Silsila Kunal to bring a storm in Mauli's life

Silsila Kunal and Mauli’s destiny gets tangled again. Radhika and Dida take care of an ailing Pari and reprimand Mishti for her bad move. They don’t know what will they answer Kunal when he comes. Dida calls a doctor for Pari. She gets relieved when Pari gets conscious. She wants to inform Kunal too. Radhika asks Mishti to realize that Pari could have suffered a lot. She asks her to think of Mauli and Kunal’s reaction. She gets disappointed with Mishti’s mischief. Kunal and Mahek’s drama angers Mauli. Ishaan tells Mauli that Kunal and Mahek look good together. Mauli wants to end her connect with Kunal.

She feels Ishaan loves her a lot like his life, while Kunal doesn’t ever care for her. She gets frustrated over Kunal and Mahek’s friendship. Ishaan tries to cheer her up. Mauli tells him that she wants to reach home soon. Ishaan flirts with her and happily compliments her. He is proud to be her lover. Radhika and Dida look after Pari and wish Kunal comes home.

Sandhya visits them and surprises. She meets Pari and likes her innocence. She thinks Pari is Mishti’s friend. She then learns that Pari is Kunal’s daughter. Mishti gets angry seeing Pari getting love. Radhika tries to send the girls away. Sandhya learns more about Kunal. She gets upset with Kunal is connected to his family and even Mauli. She doesn’t like Kunal visiting Mauli often like this. Kunal and Mahek return from the relief camp and doesn’t get Pari. Kunal learns that Asha has dropped Pari to Mauli’s house. He fears that Pari will not be able to handle stress because of Mishti. He rushes to pick Pari from his house. Sandhya gets insulting Mauli and family for being so modern that they are not having any limits on relationships.

Sandhya doesn’t like Pari and Kunal’s homecoming. She asks Radhika to stop them. Radhika ensures that this won’t happen again. Dida doesn’t wish to lie. She tells Sandhya that Mishti is Mauli and Kunal’s daughter, they will always have to be connected for Mishti’s sake. Dida asks Sandhya how can she make such demands. Sandhya apologizes to Dida and clears out that society won’t be liking ex-husband’s involvement in their family. She feels Mauli is lucky to get Ishaan.

Dida tells Sandhya that Mauli has a past, which can’t be torn off completely. Dida defends Mauli. Ishaan and Mauli make an entry in the middle of their arguments. Kunal doesn’t like to come home and calls up Radhika. Sandhya tells Ishaan that she wants to stop this alliance from forming, since the society can’t allow Mauli and Kunal’s relationship if she marries Ishaan. Ishaan assures that Mauli has no relation with Kunal. Sandhya can’t stand Kunal. She feels Ishaan is blindly in love with Mauli. She asks Mauli to end ties with Kunal’s family if she wants to marry Ishaan. Ishaan doesn’t want his mum to oppose his relationship with Mauli. Kunal is left with no option than to come home to pick Pari. His homecoming begins a huge drama. Mauli’s life faces a storm. Sandhya doesn’t want to stay back in Ishaan and Mauli’s marriage.


  1. can’t say that I blame Ishaan’s mom becuz she’s right… Ishaan and Mauli needs to make a life of their own in order to deal with Mauli’s past mistakes … and if this means that they hv to leave that house, then so be it….


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