TR’s HITS: Know Upcoming on Star Plus

Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Krishna Chali London: Krishna empowers Shuklain for punishing her culprit. She beats up Dadda and then breaks down over the bad past. The entire family supports her. Dadda seems to be unaffected. He gets a gun to shoot them all, shocking them again. He calls off the drama and wants to kill them. Krishna calls the police in time and gets him arrested. Krishna and Radhe save their family. Dadda gets challenging Shukla that he is a devil who will never die and come back to show his wrath again. Shukla doesn’t get scared of him. He throws Dadda out of his sight. Shukla unites with his family. Krishna pacifies his tensions regarding the house and business. He apologizes to her for making all the relations fall apart by his greed and apart. Krishna surprises him by her smartness again. She forgives him.

Radhe is happy that Shukla has realized his mistakes. Shukla respects Dubey for raising a daughter like Krishna. The happy moment gets cheered. Krishna and Radhe come closer. They both get rewarded for their good deeds. The minister announces a prize reward of 30 lakhs, which was much needed by Radhe.

Radhe feels proud of himself that he has earned the money finally to support Krishna’s dreams. He gives a lovely speech and feels indebted to Krishna. Shukla also gives the credit to Krishna, since she has saved him. He accepts that he has always been unfair to Krishna. He wants to repent for his mistakes and announces that he will send Krishna to London so that she can become a doctor and fulfill her dreams. Shukla surprises everyone by getting rid of his big ego. He turns into a loving father-in-law. Radhe gets proud of Shukla. Shukla announces that Radhe will be taking Krishna to London by the reward earned. Krishna and Radhe get on cloud nine by the surprising announcement. They get much respect and love by Shukla.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Fawad happens to confess his feelings to Manjeet/Mariam. He comes up with a unique proposal plan. He tells Mariam that he loves her a lot and doesn’t know when did he fall for her. Mariam gets crying with happiness on seeing his love. She also confesses love to her. She tells him that she has fallen in love with him, maybe before he did. He tells her that destiny has brought them together. She tells him that she used to hate him, like he used to hate her and fight in the beginning. She tells him that she has met him only for a motive. She tells him that she knows him well since childhood. She reveals her identity to him.

Fawad learns that she is Mariam Khan. He gets a huge shock on knowing her truth. She asks him if her real identity makes any difference in their relationship. She reveals it all how she got distant from her family. He learns that she got cheated by someone and had to get away from her family. She wants to know about her dad. She apologizes to him for hiding the truth. She tells him that she knows his good heart and leaves the decision on him now. Rifat cries for her big mistake for ordering Ballu to kill Fawad.

Madiha and Biji find her getting mad in guilt and advice her to better watch out her actions. They ask her to pray that Fawad doesn’t pay for her sins. Furthermore, Fawad tells Mariam that he loves her, irrespective of her truth. He gives his reply that he will always be with her, through thick and thin. He doesn’t think Mariam was at any fault in that situation. He loves her who has taught him to love and brought him close to happiness. He doesn’t want to subside his hatred for Majaaz, since he regards him a criminal. He promises to ensure her that his love for Mariam will never collide with his hatred for Majaaz. He wants to marry Mariam.


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