TR’s Quick Reads: Jiji Maa, YRKKH, Udaan

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Jiji Maa: Falguni begins her business career once again. She compels Vidhaan for obeying her. Uttara gets suspicious. Uttara wants Falguni out of the house. She plans to kill the baby. She hates Suyash’s child. Falguni learns Uttara’s evil intentions and comes back home to protect the baby. Falguni has to give a presentation. She can’t leave the baby alone with Uttara. She awaits Niyati to give the baby. She tells the baby that everyone has gone out. She tries to pacify the baby. She calls up Niyati to know when is she coming home. She has to follow deadlines and reach office to give the presentation on time to the clients.

She finds it tough to manage the baby and business at the same time. Falguni gets tensed watching the time passing. Uttara troubles the baby and makes him cry, so that Falguni doesn’t go anywhere. She says Falguni can’t reach office on time, she will miss the deal and then Vidhaan will throw out Falguni from office and house, we won’t need Falguni. She plans to make Vidhaan hate Falguni. She wants to fail Falguni in managing business successfully. The clients demand only Falguni to handle the project. Uttara wants to prove Falguni incapable.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham wants to say I love you to Ilaychi. Pancham and Pintu make this plan. Pancham has to confess love to Ilaychi in front of Murari. Pancham wants to help Pintu and Sunita’s love story. Sunita’s dad gets after Pintu, being mistaken that she is a woman. Pancham and Ilaychi want to reveal about their love to her parents. They get planning. Pintu gets complaining about Pancham. Pancham gets scolded by Murari. Murari and Karuna don’t want Pancham and Ilaychi together. Pancham manages the situation by Pintu’s help. Pancham misleads Murari and gets saved. Pancham wants to convince Murari for accepting him for Ilaychi. Pancham succeeds in solving two problems at once.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil makes a shocking move in his engagement ceremony with Bhoomi. He makes Vedika wear the engagement ring. He feels connected to Vedika and recalls their past moments when Vedika attempts to revive his memory. Sahil loves only Vedika. Bhoomi tells him that the ring should be in her finger. He asks them what’s his real identity. Bhoomi lies that he is Jacky, not Sahil. Sahil gets in a trance by Vedika’s moment. Bhoomi separates them again.

Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa will be seen having a merger again. There will be star performances in the grand party of Chakor and Suraj’s anniversary. Chakor and Raghav perform with the stars. They celebrate the anniversary just to keep Anjor’s heart. Anjor plans the entire party and is happy for her parents. She wants them to be happiness. Anjor goes missing after the party. Chakor gets worried when the blackmailer calls her up and threatens of killing Anjor. Raghav seeks police help to find Anjor. He assures Chakor that they will find Anjor.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik gets scared and wakes up. Naira asks him did he dream of any Daayan. She tells him that she is with him, he doesn’t need to be scared of anyone. Naira feels some stomach ache at night. Kartik fears of losing the child. He doesn’t want Naira to bear the pain. He feels helpless. He wants to relieve Naira’s pain. Kartik turns scared when doctor jokes on his panicking state. He tells Naira that she has fainted as its normal in pregnancy. Later, Kartik learns about Naira’s high risk pregnancy, and she may needed to get medical aid any time. Kartik learns the critical complications from Doctor. He doesn’t reveal any tensions to Naira.


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