Kulfi Kumar Lovely gets a big shocker from Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely heartless move puts Kulfi in danger

Kulfi Kumar Lovely gets moved when Sikandar signs the divorce papers and sends it back to her. Lovely didn’t expect this to happen. She says Sikandar wants to divorce me, he has signed the papers. She sheds tears and shares her sorrow with Amyra. She thought he will never sign the papers and get her back home. The ego fight goes on. Lovely breaks down. Amyra tries to understand the problem. She doesn’t know what to do. Lovely loses out. Kulfi learns about the divorce. Kulfi turns into a drama queen. She cries aloud only to make Sikandar hear her cry and worry for her. She fakes the cry and prepares to carry out the drama well. She controls her smile when she sees Sikandar.

Sikandar worries for her and asks her why is she crying. Kulfi shows him the Christmas competition flier and asks him to help her in participation. She tells him that she can participate only with her parents. She says I m crying as I don’t have my mum and dad. She does an emotional drama to convince Sikandar to get Lovely back home. Kulfi and Amyra have made this plan to stop the divorce and bring them together. Kulfi has accepted in front of Amyra that she knows the truth that she is also Sikandar’s daughter, and they are sisters. Kulfi and Amyra conspire to bring their mom and dad together. Amyra asks Lovely not to leave her, she has much stomach ache. She wants Lovely to call up Sikandar. Amyra tells Lovely about the competition. She asks Lovely to help her participate. She wants Lovely to talk to Sikandar about it.

Lovely doesn’t want to take the first step. Sikandar thinks to meet Lovely and participate in the Christmas play. He knows that Lovely isn’t keen for divorce, but is influenced by her parents. Sikandar and Lovely will realize their beautiful bond and mistakes to rectify. They always get fighting since the start of their relation because of their different mindsets and upbringing, but they come together to resolve issues only to save their marriage. Lovely expects Sikandar to do the same this time. Lovely doesn’t wish her relation with Sikandar to end on a bitter note. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will meet Lovely and also try to keep his bitterness at bay. He admits all his mistakes and feels guilty. He wants Lovely back in his life. Kulfi will be attempting to unite them and family.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Anurag finally exposes Navin completely. Prerna also learns the entire matter and realizes that Anurag was so right about Navin’s evil. Anurag reveals the reason for Prerna’s helplessness to marry Navin, which makes her family proud of her. Rajesh and Veena also feel ashamed that they have failed to understand their daughter and protect her from sorrow. Anurag tells Mohini that Navin doesn’t deserve any respect, but just punishment. He wants to call the cops to get Navin arrested. Navin doesn’t lose and tries to get the game in his hands again. He wants Prerna at any cost. Navin gets threatening to kill Anurag in order to get Prerna. It gets shocking for Mohini, Prerna and Moloy.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2:
Bhairavi turns out to be fraudster, who has come to take revenge from the royal family. She actually wants Veer to find the illegitimate relations in the Royal household so that the children away from the family can get their rights. She tricks Veer into believing that she is a Godwoman. She meets her aide, and doesn’t get spotted by the security. Nevertheless, Veer’s friend Titu follows her to the jungle. He gets suspicious of her. On the other hand, the chief security guard Kedar learns a shocking truth that Bhairavi has fooled the entire family by her big lie of turning the dog into Inspector Sumer.

He finds the same dog left far from the palace, while Inspector Sumer was planted into the haveli from a secret door. Kedar understands the conspiracy of Veer’s enemy into planting Bhairavi for marrying Veer. Bhairavi wants to find Archie in order to strike a deal with Veer. Kedar tries to gather evidence against Bhairavi, but gets obstructed by Lali’s spirit.

Tonight in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala on Star Plus:

Kulfi assures Amyra that she will fix everything, Sikandar isn’t a bad person to leave Lovely. Amyra tells her that Sikandar has chosen her over them. She blames Kulfi for ruining her family. She tells Kulfi that her family broke all because of her. She regrets for Lovely’s tears. She asks Kulfi not to act like her sister. Kulfi calls it enough and tells her that she isn’t obsessed to get a father, the truth is Sikandar is her dad.

Amyra sheds tears that Kulfi learnt this truth. Sikandar and Lovely get finding the girls. They argue in he panicking state. Kulfi tells Amyra that she has come back to find out why Sikandar has left her mum. She tells Amyra that Sikandar was apologizing to Nimrat last night and this cleared her doubts. Amyra begs her not to tell this truth to Sikandar.

Kulfi wants to get her father. Amyra fears that this will ruin everything for Lovely. She asks Kulfi to think about Lovely. She feels Lovely will also die like Nimrat if Sikandar leaves her. She asks Kulfi to save Lovely’s life. Kulfi regrets that she couldn’t save Nimrat. Sikandar shouts out Kulfi to find her. Lovely begs him to find Kulfi and Amyra. Kulfi hears Sikandar’s voice. Amyra makes her promise that she won’t tell the truth to Sikandar. Kulfi asks her if she doesn’t deserve a father. Amyra tells Kulfi that destiny has done this with them and hurt their hearts.

Kulfi promises Amyra that she won’t address Sikandar as her dad. The girls shed tears and get emotional. They bond like sisters for the first time. Kulfi promises Amyra that Sikandar will never leave Lovely. Amyra tells her that Sikandar and Lovely won’t get back together by forgetting the divorce. They make plans to hide their friendship and meet secretly. They want to unite Sikandar and Lovely.

Sikandar reaches them finally and finds them locked in the room. He hugs his daughters. Lovely takes Amyra with her, while Sikandar looks after Kulfi. Lovely cries knowing Sikandar has agreed for divorce. Amyra begs her to end the fight. Tony instigates Lovely against Sikandar further. He asks Lovely never to return to Sikandar. Amyra doesn’t want her family to break. Kulfi requests Sikandar to get Lovely and Amyra home. She cries that she isn’t getting her dad. She wishes that Amyra gets her parents.


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