TR’s HITS: Know Upcoming on Star Plus

TR's HITS: Know Upcoming on Star Plus

Star Plus Krishna Chali London: Shukla pays the due respect to Radhe and Krishna. He asks Radhe to start the preparations to take Krishna to London and fulfill her dreams. He tells Krishna that her life’s journey will begin now towards prosperity and happiness. Krishna gets too happy and gets her elders’ blessings. Dubey gets proud that Krishna has reformed a person like Shukla. He is happy that Krishna isn’t regretting in her life. Krishna feels overjoyed when the entire family supports her. Krishna thanks Shukla for all the respect and love. Shukla tells her that his family got saved because of him. He wants Krishna will study hard and make them proud. Krishna thanks Radhe and confesses love to him. Radhe gets too happy. The family’s presence shies the lovers.

Radhe promises to take Krishna to London and fulfills it. Shukla and Dubey turn into friends, and give respect to each other. Radhe and Krishna get packing their stuff so that they don’t forget anything. They think of their family members, whom they will miss a lot. Dubey and Krishna get emotional.

Dubey apologizes to her for always going against her wish and breaking her dreams. He is happy that she didn’t lose faith in herself and achieved the impossible. He learns determination from her. He wants her to become a good doctor and fulfill his dream too. He feels sorry for failing to understand her dreams. She is grateful to him for getting her married to a nice man like Radhe. Radhe gets happy hearing their emotional conversation. Dubey apologizes to Radhe as well. Radhe tells Dubey that he will settle Krishna in London and return back. Krishna and Radhe reach London and begin their new journey of love and dreams. Radhe gets happy to find Krishna’s true happiness. He feels like he has achieved everything by watching her smile.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Fawad confesses love to Mariam and accepts the truth of her identity. She tells him that she doesn’t have any more secrets. He tells her that he wants to rush home quickly to tell the family about their love. He is happy to get her love. Inspector meets the family and tells that he couldn’t find Mariam and Fawad. Rifat cries and feels guilty for her sins. She doesn’t want Fawad to get punished. Fawad and Mariam come home and surprise everything, relieving their tensions. Mariam tells them that someone had kidnapped her, but Fawad is the person who rescued her. Rifat gets happy that she didn’t get caught.

Fawad tells Mariam’s family that he got aware of Mariam’s identity and he loves her a lot, he has accepted her from his heart and wants to marry her. This brings happiness in the family. Rifat doesn’t want to accept Mariam. She acts innocent in front of them. Zain gets happy to know that Manjeet is Mariam. He congratulates Mariam and Fawad for their love. Biji and Aijaz tell everyone that they have advised the young lovers, embarrassing them further. Rifat wants to do something to break Mariam and Fawad’s relation.

Mariam doesn’t want her family to get any sorrow now. She just awaits Majaaz. Biji tells Madiha that love can’t hide and she knew this will happen. Meher tells them that Rifat won’t be happy and plan something against Mariam. This brings tension for a moment, but Fawad reaches there to make them smile. Mariam and Fawad try to excuse themselves and meet. Biji and Madiha wish everything stays fine and miss Majaaz. Rifat feels like losing her son to Mariam. She wants to kill Mariam.


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