TR’s Quick Reads: Shakti Ye Un Dinon, Kumkum Bhagya

High Points in Kumkum Bhagya Kundali Bhagya

Quick Reads Internet Wala Love: Aadhya couldn’t bear to tell Jai regarding their love moment as a mistake. She decides to maintain distance with him and hide her feelings from him. Although Jai has feelings for her but didn’t realize yet. He thinks if Aadhya goes away from him then it means he will go far from self. He regrets to kiss her and hurts her sentiments, and fears that he might lose her. He comes to meet Aadhya to her house. Aadhya asks if he read the letter given by her. Jai realizes that he has forgotten a letter in his car. He rushes home and couldn’t find the letter. He sees a letter on the floor near wifi, the dog. He takes the letter in his hand. Aadhya comes to Savvy’s house. Jai starts reading Aadhya’s letter in front of her. He is shocked to read about the reason for her strange behavior and reads that Aadhya is in love.

Shakti: Sameer brings Preeto’s truth in front of Soumya and tells that she is acting to fool her, to be with her so that she can help Harman to get you. Soumya asks Harman if he knew that Preeto lied to her. Harman says we all want to bring out the truth in front of you. Soumya says I don’t want to know my past, neither you will come in front of me, nor I will come to you. Harman comes to Mohini’s house and tells that he has some work with her. Mohini is surprised to see him. Harman tells her that Soumya lost her memory and forgot their life. He seeks her help to make Soumya gain her memory. He says if Soumya doesn’t return to my life then everything will be ruined, Harman and Soumya are one and will always be one. He says I can’t live without Soumya. He asks her to help him. Mohini agrees and asks what she will get in return.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar is angry with Kalyani and blames her responsible again and again. He tells her that if Atharv and Sampada are alive and if she knows about them and hides from him then he will snatch away the light from her life. Atharv is seen taking a shower from the roadside tap. Sampada and Atharv are alive and enjoying their lives with each other with Malhar’s money. They are happy to fool Anupriya and Malhar. It was their plan to get Atharv shot by the gun to put blame on Anupriya, before falling in the water. They think their death news has changed everything, and Kalyani and Anupriya’s lives will be ruined by Malhar.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya and Abhi think about each other. Abhi wants Kiara in his house and gets emotional for her. Pragya thinks she will not give Kiara to her. Abhi tells Purab and Disha that first of all, they have to prove that Kiara is his daughter and not King’s daughter. He says I love Kiara very much and wants to keep her with me, wants her to sleep and wake up with me. Purab asks him to sleep and not to be emotional. He says who knows Kiara might come tomorrow and be with you. Disha and Purab offer support to Abhi in bringing out the truth.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer tells his family that he loves Naina and didn’t elope with her intentionally, but circumstances forced them. He tells Naina’s family was getting her married to a guy named Sharad and that’s why they ran to skip the marriage. He says we were not alone, but our other friends were also with us. Vishaka and Mr. Sumani yell at him. Mr. Sumani reminds him that he is not even 21 years old to take a decision. Rakesh decides to get Naina married anyhow. Taya ji tells him that although Naina is Rakesh’s daughter, but Anand has brought her up like his own daughter and that’s why they have to seek his permission before fixing her alliance. He says good guy shall be found soon. Tai ji asks Rakesh to take Naina to Rajasthan and get her married to a village guy so that Naina yearns to see Sameer’s face. Preeti learns their planning.


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