High Five Spoilers Yeh Rishta, Aapke Aa Jane Se

Kartik and Naira Unforgettable memories to find a way

Spoilers Yeh Rishta: Kartik takes Naira to the park to talk to her and convince her about the abortion. Kartik tells Naira about the high risk pregnancy. He tells her that they need to abort the baby. Naira refuses to abort the baby. They have a heated argument. She is ready to take any risk to fulfill her dream. She runs away from Kartik to avoid his bad words regarding the baby. She falls down by slipping in the garden. Naira’s baby dream shatters. She gets angry on Kartik that he has aborted her baby. She can’t accept that she has lost the baby because of Kartik.

She vents out anger on Kartik and cries with much pain. She tells him that he should be happy that his wish got fulfilled. The miscarriage turns out to be Kartik’s scary dream. Kartik loses courage to tell her. He gives her flowers. They together leave the flower in the water. Kartik clicks picture with Naira. He captures her happiness. She wants to be positive and wants to keep the baby even if its harmful for her life. She wants to take any little chance for fulfilling her dreams.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
The new guy Asif meets Kabeer and family. Asif and Kabeer have a clash. Asif doesn’t believe much in his religion, but in humanity. He wants to serve the humanity first. He gets into an argument with Kabeer. Kabeer misunderstands his words and gets angry on him. Asif didn’t tell anything against their religion. Asif justifies himself. Kabeer gets Zara and clarifies that its just Zara’s decision to humiliate them by her strange decisions. Kabeer and Asif’s arguments disappoint the family. Zara becomes a reason for the argument again. Zara supports Asif, which infuriates Kabeer further.

Roop and Shamsher get caught by the goons. They are tied up to the chairs. Ranvir has sent the goons to kidnap Shamsher and kill him. Roop tries to save Shamsher. Ranvir gets exposed in front of them. He asks the father and duo to live their lives in the last ten minutes. Ranvir tells them that he will be killing them. Shamsher gets angry on Ranvir. Roop calms down Shamsher. He tells Shamsher that he loves him a lot and accepts his old school ideologies, but doesn’t want to lose him ever. Roop breaks the ice and tells Shamsher what he means to him. Shamsher gets touched listening to him.

Shamsher and Roop get emotional and clear their old differences. When Ranvir points gun at Shamsher, Roop attempts to save his father. Roop and Shamsher try hard to get saved, but the goons shoot Roop when he comes in front of save Shamsher. Ishika reaches there and finds Roop shot. She shouts out to him. It gets raining. Her sindoor gets washed off. Ishika cries for Roop. Shamsher shouts for help to save his son. He manages to call the ambulance and help for Roop. He gets Roop to the ambulance. He wants to save Roop’s life after getting the medical aid on time. He asks Roop not to close his eyes and be awake till he gets treated.

Jija ji Ghar Par Hai:

Pancham is worried for Ilaychi’s love. Pintu is also in stress because of Sunita. Pancham tells Pintu that its tough for him to convince Murari. Pintu is troubled as Sunita’s dad has got after her. He asks Pancham to do something and stop that old man. Pancham says I m into my own problems, girls are a trouble, Ilaychi is keeping this demand to me and asked me to confess the love in front of Murari. Pancham makes a plan to make Sunita’s dad away and also confess feelings to Ilaychi. Pancham had become Devdas for a while. He refuses to drink more alcohol. Ilaychi reaches Pancham and gives him flying kisses.

Pancham gets happy. They are very much in love. He fears that Murari can catch them romancing. He tries to avoid Ilaychi. Ilaychi and Pancham hide when Murari comes. Pancham manages to save himself. He doesn’t want Ilaychi to get mischievous and openly declare their love. He doesn’t express his love in front of everyone.

Sir ji comes up with a new drama of drowning in the pool. Ronak saves him again. Sir ji hides his face from Shalu. Ronak knows the reason behind the drama. He wants to see how long Sir ji drags the drama.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika throws a romantic surprise for Sahil only to remind him their lovely past. She tries to put efforts as per the doctor’s advice. She wants to make Sahil regain his memories. She does the similar arrangements as Sahil has done in the past. Sahil gets the memory flashes on seeing the similar date set up and their photo collage. She tries to return love to Sahil. She tries to tell him about their strong love. She stays positive on seeing his reactions. Sahil checks their pictures and wants to know the truth. She gets emotional when he refuses to know her. Sahil doesn’t know if Vedika is part of his past. He doesn’t remember anything. He is lost because of Usha and Bhoomi’s move.



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