Mariam-Fawad’s Nikaah to get unexpected guest


Mariam and Fawad’s Nikaah gets fixed. Mariam comes to make a request to Fawad. He is busy into making the marriage arrangements. Mariam is much upset. He tells her that she can share her feelings with him, he will listen to her and understand also. She tells him about Majaaz, who has come back home. She doesn’t like to see Madiha and Majaaz worried. She tells him that she wants to postpone their marriage until things get fine in her family. Fawad asks her did she lose her mind. She gets worried and asks him why is he reacting that way. He asks her to tell him how he shall react if she postpones the marriage.

He tells her that he was much tensed by seeing her upset face, she shouldn’t worry for a petty issue, marriage preparations will go on the same way, its nothing big to handle. She tells him that he will have many big dreams for the marriage.

He tells her that he doesn’t like grand arrangements, he doesn’t want this, he is doing this for her, he felt she needs the grand arrangements, customs and rituals. He tells her that they will handle everything as she wants. He asks her not to think of anything regarding their marriage. She is much happy that she has succeeded to get Majaaz back. She wants Majaaz to attend her Nikaah. Mariam and Fawad plan a small budget marriage so that Mariam’s family isn’t bothered by expenses. Fawad is ready to support her for everything.



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