TR’s HITS: Know Upcoming on Star Plus

Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna and Mohini get into an argument after Navin and Madhuri flee. Mohini instructs Police to find Navin. She scolds Prerna. She doesn’t want to forgive Prerna for hurting Anurag. She doesn’t want her children to fall in trouble because of Prerna. Prerna unites with her family. They have an emotional moment. Prerna gets thankful to Anurag and Moloy. Anurag tells them that he has filed the Fir against Navin, police will nab Navin soon. Moloy asks Prerna why didn’t she tell him the truth. She apologizes to him. He tells her that she can’t ruin her own life. She tells him that she didn’t wish to get any charity from him, she will never want to lose her self-esteem.

Moloy tells her that she is like his daughter, and Rajesh is like his brother. He offers them help and asks them not to worry for house eviction. He gives a job to Prerna in his company. He asks Prerna to grab this chance and pay Rajesh’s loan. Prerna gets grateful to him. Moloy asks Prerna to manage Nivedita and Anupam’s marriage anniversary party arrangements as part of her job. Anurag drops Prerna and her family home. Anurag and Prerna share a moment. She is thankful to him. Anurag asks them to feel free as if he isn’t at their home. He doesn’t want anyone to take stress by his coming.

Prerna helps Anurag. He tells her that he understands her well. They both have a cute moment. He reads her mind. She feels good to have a friend like him. They stay happy in each other’s company. Nivedita tells Mohini that they can’t afford to get Prerna home. She tells that Anurag won’t be able to manage a heartbreak. She feels Prerna is using Anurag. She gets speaking ill about Prerna. She tells Mohini that Anurag believes in love and may fall in Prerna’s trap. Mohini asks Novedita to stop the nonsense. Nivedita challenges Mohini, since she is very much sure about it.

Nivedita gets affected by Mohini’s silence. She vents out anger on Anupam. He plans to surprise her on their anniversary. He tells her that the party will be amazing. Anurag and Prerna relax in their moving life. They miss each other. They are lost in their thoughts and find a new happiness entering their hearts. They get close to realize their love.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna and Radhe are madly in love. They spend some good time in London. They check in the hotel and plan to go for sightseeing. Radhe tells her that London is really a nice place. He likes the city. He calls up the family to inform that they have reached safely. Krishna is happy to live her dreams. Radhe plans to surprise Krishna. She finds him gone somewhere and gets worried. Radhe fails to communicate at the hotel reception. He calls up the cab driver to take help. He wants to take Krishna to a church knowing her interest to visit. Krishna finds him and asks him what is he up to. He tells her that they will have their dreams getting fulfilled. Radhe and Krishna sing and dance.

Radhe learns her white wedding dream and wants to fulfill it too. Krishna doesn’t think that Radhe will go to any extent for her. Radhe tells Krishna that he will have to tell the family about the places he visited. Radhe and Krishna attend a white wedding. Krishna dreams of Radhe and her wedding happening in the same church. Krishna helps the groom by offering medical aid in time. Dr. Veer happens to meet Krishna in the church. Krishna and Veer’s first meeting becomes a blunder.


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