Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Udaan Imli shares the story of her reformation. She asks Chakor to give her one chance to join the family back. She tells Chakor that she will set everything right in their lives if given a chance. Chakor finds it hard to believe Imli, since she is a terror in herself. She doesn’t want Aazaadgunj to suffer because of Imli. Imli knows the truth only. Chakor doesn’t believe that Imli has realized her mistakes by heart. Imli tells Chakor that she has understood that there is no end to desires in this world, if she understood this before, she would have not treated her so badly. She apologizes for hurting her so much and ruining her life before. Chakor gets angered when Imli names Anjor. She raises a hand on Imli.

Imli stops her and tries to explain her that she isn’t Anjor’s enemy now. Imli says I have always been around and played hide and seek, I m here now and want you to accept me. She asks Chakor to think of the enemy who is close to her and yet cheating her. She says you are so good that you get misled easily, think of your mistake. She asks him to find the cheater hiding in the family. Chakor takes Imli’s advice.

Raghav catches the kidnapper, who is actually Akash. He suspects Amit and Akash, and beats both of them. He asks Amit to tell them where is Anjor. He demands Amit to confess his crimes. Chakor defends Amit. She tells Raghav that Amit has no connection with Rajeshwari and Vikram, he can’t kidnap Anjor, we can’t misjudge him by seeing any improper proof. Raghav tells Chakor that he has bashed up the kidnapper before. Chakor exposes Akash, who has the wounds on his body. Raghav tells Tejaswini that its Akash who is Rajjo’s culprit. He demands Akash to tell them about Anjor. Akash tells Tejaswini that he can’t imagine to do this crime. He proves his innocence by getting a vegetable vendor to testify in his favor. Chakor and Raghav fail to find the real culprit. The mystery intensifies.


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