Huge drama ahead in Colors’ Udaan and Roop

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Huge Drama in Udaan: Raghav beats up Akash. Chakor is much worried. She loses her breath. She wants to find Anjor soon. Chakor tries to clear her doubts on Akash. Akash claims that he is innocent. Anjor gets locked inside the store room. Chakor and Raghav manage to find her by checking the locked room. They don’t think that Akash had kidnapped Anjor. Akash puts the entire blame of kidnapping on Imli. When Imli accepts the blame, Chakor gets confused. Akash tries to kill Anjor. Chakor saves Anjor, from the enemy. Akash is the main culprit, but plays hide and seek with Chakor. Chakor isn’t accepting Imli. She can’t trust Imli. Chakor gets a big relief on finding her daughter fine.

Chakor gets Anjor safely. Akash has hidden Anjor in the storeroom and cleverly presented evidence in front of Chakor. Imli questions Akash to catch his lies. Chakor vents out anger on Akash. She tells Akash that she will keep an eye on her. Akash blames Imli and asks Chakor to understand that Imli has come to take revenge, this is the truth. He tells Chakor that Imli can never be their well wisher. Rohit also testifies against Imli. Rohit tells them that Imli has a thief in her heart. Imli gets disheartened and gives up to the accusations. Raghav and Chakor ask Imli to get out of the haveli. They get Imli arrested. Chakor feels bad for Imli. She feels the truth is something else. Imli just wants to protect the family.

Ranvir and his goons fail to kill Roop and Shamsher. The father-son duo get emotional. They have a final conversation, as if they won’t be seeing each other again. Roop and Shamsher get strength by the sudden onshower of their emotions. They overpower the goons and survive. Roop gets shot, but Shamsher rushes him to the hospital in time.

Ranvir meets Shamsher at the hospital, which rages the latter. Shamsher reveals Ranvir’s evil truth to the family, that Ranvir is the one who conspired to kill them. He holds Ranvir responsible for Roop’s critical state. Ranvir acts innocent in front of the family and tells them that he wasn’t with Roop or Shamsher. He lies to Shamsher. He tells them that Shamsher would be having any misunderstanding. He defends himself. He doesn’t show any involvement in the crime. Shamsher gets more raging over Ranvir’s denial. Ranvir asks him if there is any proof that he was the one who kidnapped them. Shamsher promises to gather proof against him and get him punished.


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