Karn Sangini: Urvi adapts Karn’s lifestyle

Karn Sangini: Urvi adapts Karn's lifestyle

Karn Sangini: Urvi is going to live with her parents for some time. Karn doesn’t want her to go to her Maayka. Her mum wants to take her home for some days. Karn and Urvi share a romantic moment, before he bids her farewell. He is happy the way Urvi is settling in his world. Urvi goes to her home for Pagphere rasam. Her mum feels bad when Urvi comes to her palace and sits on the ground, eating the food. Her mum recalls Karn’s promise that he will keep Urvi fine. Urvi feels embarrassed that her mum is witnessing her life change. Karn is unable to fulfill his promise because of his family. Urvi doesn’t eat the Chappan bhog and prefers to eat just Bajra dry roti. Urvi praises the Bajra roti and tells her mum that she really loves it.

Urvi’s mum wants to comfort Urvi’s stay in the palace. She gets the best things for her daughter. She shows the jewellery for Urvi. She asks Urvi to stay as a princess once again.

Urvi tells her mum that she is now married to Karn and wants to become like him. She wants to live a poor life to be equal to her husband. She likes Karn’s principles. She wants to change everyone’s thinking. Urvi tells her mum that she can do anything for her happiness. Urvi gets into her old avatar to please her mum. She also keeps her loyalty and love for Karn. She sleeps on the ground, after her mum goes. Urvi defines her love for Karn. She immensely loves Karn and has chosen him by her hearty wish. Urvi sticks to her commitment.



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