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Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita and Bala try to help Mr. Iyer, so that the matter doesn’t get worse. They want to win the case in the court. This worries Mr. Iyer. He tells Ishita that he has helped Nisha, regarding her a daughter, but Nisha has cheated him so badly. He doesn’t want to take legal steps. Ishita tells him that they know the truth, and have to fail Nisha. Sudha gets informed about the tensed matter. Simmi falls in Sudha’s words. She wants to talk to Parmeet and know the truth, since its her right to know about Ananya. She takes the magistrate’s permission to meet Parmeet. Rohan gets rejoicing when he sees Simmi falling in the trap. Ruhi and Aaliya support Ishita in bad times. Ishita cries for her dad, who is accused for wrong things. Bala tells Ishita that Mr. Iyer has lost the money and this is another problem to handle.

Ishita is sure that the money will be found. Mr. Iyer gets unwell by stress. Ishita doesn’t know what will she answer her mum. When her mum comes home, she shares the entire incident about Mr. Iyer’s arrest. Sudha tries to hit on the family’s unity. Sudha reveals the matter to them, making the matter worse. Mr. Iyer gets hurt while bearing the defamation. Ishita doesn’t want him to take any wrong step. Raman rescues him and doesn’t let him hurt himself. Sudha adds up troubles for Iyers.

She tells them that she really believes Nisha’s accusations. Ishita knows how Sudha is poisoning her family. Sudha gets happy seeing their sorrow. She wants to break even Bhallas. Rohan spies on everyone. Sudha meets her sons and assures them that she will take revenge on Bhallas very soon. Rohan gives the good news that Simmi has gone to meet Parmeet. Sudha gets reprimanded and leaves from there. Rohan and Karan get back to their work. Ishita takes care of her parents. She doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of her parents’ goodness. Simmi meets Parmeet and confronts him for selling Ananya’s heart organ without asking her once.

Parmeet tells her that he has sold her heart, since Ananya was his daughter, its his wish, its good if her heart saves a life. He tells her that he didn’t tell her as she would have not allowed this. He scolds her for cheating him and going away. He tells her that she is living with Ishita and Pihu, but he has made this possible that Ananya’s heart is still having a beat. He lies to Simmi. Sudha sends money for Parmeet. Sudha is sure that Simmi will break the Bhalla family for Rohan’s sake. Simmi gets worried for Rohan.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna joins the job at Moloy’s office. She takes her parents’ blessings. Rajesh asks her not to misbehave with Mohini ever, and give her respect, since Mohini is elder to her. Prerna tells him that she was just defending her mother. Rajesh asks her to treat Mohini like her mother too. Prerna meets Moloy and gets the work tasks. She gets happy to be around Anurag. She gets to meet Anurag and fails to converse. She recollects their lovely moments. Anurag gets busy in his work after a long time, achieving peace in Prerna’s matter. Anurag also gets happy to see Prerna. Sid pulls Anurag’s leg. He asks Anurag to express his feelings to Prerna. She overhears their conversation. Sid tells Anurag that this is his love for Prerna. Anurag denies the love.

Prerna gets upset on hearing Anurag’s reply. Anurag tells Sid that Prerna is just his friend, and he is concerned for her. Anurag tells Sid that Prerna isn’t like him, she is much different, he can never love her. Anurag gets embarrassed knowing Prerna was around when he told those stupid things. He goes to wish her all the best for the job. Sid is sure that Anurag will soon realize his love for Prerna. Prerna gets angry on Anurag and confronts him for his bad remarks. Anurag tells her that its tough to understand her. He blames her for the weird behavior. She fights with Anurag for speaking ill about her and calling her a friend. He feels he has upset her. He tells her that he is mad to wish her for the job. He doesn’t know what made her so upset, when there is nothing between them.

Prerna gets heartbroken. She feels sorry to hurt Anurag’s heart. Anurag tells Sid how Prerna reacted when he went to wish. He asks Sid not to talk about Prerna again. He gets raging. Shivani tries to tell Prerna that Anurag loves her. Prerna cries and tells Shivani what Anurag told Sid about her. She tells Shivani that Anurag feels she isn’t his type. She feels angry for a while. Shivani reminds her Anurag’s love gestures and care. She tells Prerna that maybe Anurag doesn’t know her feelings and was avoiding her.

Prerna admits that she loves Anurag. She asks Shivani what should she tell Anurag now. She asks if she should confess love to Anurag. Shivani gets happy with Prerna’s love confession. She congratulates Prerna and asks her to meet Anurag. Anurag calls Prerna and gets angry on her for spoiling his mood. He gets much affected by her. Mohini tells Anurag that she loves him a lot and is proud of him. She doesn’t want Prerna with him. Anurag stays upset over his fight with Prerna. He doesn’t realize what’s bothering him so much.


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