YRKKH Dadi makes a shocking remark on Naira

Yeh Rishta Naira Dadi big clash shocks the family

YRKKH Dadi stays worried by Naira’s behavior. Kirti enjoys the day out with her in-laws. Dadi calls up Kirti and asks her to come home for some time to explain Naira and Kartik about the big responsibility of parents. She wants Naira to have good thoughts so that she becomes a good mother and passes good values to the baby. She tells Kirti that she doesn’t think Naira will become a good mother ever. Naira overhears the conversation and gets disheartened by the bad remark. Naksh gets angered on Dadi’s taunts. He asks Dadi if she has seen Naira doing some mistake, that she commented so badly. He tells Dadi that Naira is always misunderstood. He asks Dadi to understand Naira and her decisions. Naira doesn’t lose heart and is hopeful to become a good mum.

Kartik cries for Naira and baby dreams. He fights with his dilemmas. Naira gets hurt by his words, when he reveals the pregnancy complications to her. He ends the suspense and tells her that they may need to medically terminate the pregnancy for the sake of her well-being. Naira receives a huge shocker. She hates to hear about the abortion. He tells her that she is much important to him, and he wants to let the baby go off. He reveals the advice by her doctor. He tells her that he won’t be able to live, if he loses her for the baby’s sake, he won’t be able to give love to the baby.

He explains her that her life matters first. She tells him that they shall talk to a gynac and take the advice to decide about the baby. Kirti and Naksh have an argument over Dadi’s bad remark on Naira. Naksh is much upset as Dadi has tagged Naira as a bad mother just for a petty issue. Kirti convinces him for forget the matter and just focus on their baby. Naksh doesn’t drag the matter for the sake of Kirti’s happiness. He surprises Kirti with a good work opportunity. Kirti doesn’t think that she can carry on with her work. Naksh and family supports Kirti to pass time by keeping herself busy in work.

Kartik and Naira rush to meet the gynac. Naira seeks Dadi’s blessings and is hopeful that everything will go fine. Kartik and Naira meet their gynac and learn about the same complications. The doctor gives them some hope by telling the positive chances. He asks Kartik and Naira to take the decision for keeping the baby or aborting it. Naira is happy that there is still much hope. She calls off the abortion idea, while Kartik is determined for not taking the rest. He witnesses a negative outcome of a complicated case, while Naira witnesses a positive outcome. They both get confused. Kartik gets the abortion form by making up his mind.


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