Ishq SubhanAllah Kabeer and Zara’s tiff worsens

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Ishq SubhanAllah Kabeer shouts on Zara and fights with her again. Zara is living a poor life. She has gone to some place to get kerosene. She falls in danger. Kabeer tells her that she is doing this intentionally to trouble him. She asks him to come along if he wants, since she is his responsibility. He throws the empty box and tells her that she is being stubborn and troubling them. Zara tells him that the empty box is the truth of their life. He asks her not to get money in between everything, which leaves him raging.

He fights with her because of her bad reasoning. Zara tells him that she needs kerosene and ration to make food for herself. Kabeer is worried for her safety. He asks her not to visit the bad places where she can come in evil men sight. Aisha and Zeenat also get worried for Zara, and try to stop her at home. Zara picks the empty container and goes to put herself in risk. Zeenat tells Kabeer that Zara is doing wrong to take risk, and they shouldn’t go there. Kabeer rushes after Zara to protect her.


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