Silsila Santa Surprise to enlighten relations

Silsila Shocking Kunal gets shot to death

Silsila Santa surprises everyone in the celebrations. Kunal turns into Santa to make a good bond with Mishti. He dances with Pari and Mishti in the Christmas Carnival. Mahek also enjoys with the girls. Mahek tells him that Mishti will be liking him when she knows him well. She encourages him to explain Mishti that he loves her, he didn’t leave her intentionally. Mishti doesn’t wish to talk to Kunal. Kunal takes the Santa disguise to befriend her. He tries to bring Mishti and Pari closer, so that they can stay as friends. He hugs Mishti and Pari, and teaches them that festivals are meant to create lovely bonds of friendship. He takes Mishti’s promise that he won’t fight with Pari or family. He tells her that if she fights with her friend, Santa won’t love or hug her.

Mishti promises Kunal that she will not fight with Pari ever. Mishti wants Santa’s hug. Kunal as Santa hugs her with love and tells her that he has got goodies for her. Kunal hides his identity only for a good motive. He spends good time with Mishti and Pari. He gives the right message to Mishti. He knows that she is innocent and will clear off her hatred for Pari. When Mishti hugs Pari, Kunal gets happy. He turns emotional, while living the good moments with his daughter Mishti.


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