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Quick Reads Udaan: Chakor learns Akash’s truth. She exposes Akash in front of Tejaswini. Chakor beats up Akash. Akash falls down the staircase. Jyoti runs to his rescue. Chakor reveals to them that Akash is Rajeshwari’s son, who has come for taking revenge. The family learns that Akash is the real culprit. Chakor and Akash have a face-off. Akash wins Tejaswini’s confidence. He gets Tejaswini on his side, and gives a competition to Chakor and Raghav. Akash has done a planning to have family to support. Chakor and Raghav know Akash’s evil and try to protect the family. They plan to get Akash punished by finding evidence against him.

Perfect Pati: Pushkar tortures Vidhi. He kidnaps her and shows his mad avatar to her. Vidhi struggles to get free. Pushkar tells her that she won’t be going anywhere. He tells her that he isn’t mad, but she has tried to prove him wrong in Rajshri’s eyes. He wants to punish her. Vidhi tries to escape from his clutches and shouts for help.

Karn Sangini:
Urvi returns to her palace. She has come back just on her mum’s words. She loves Karn a lot. She doesn’t want to live like a princess. She sleeps on the ground, shocking her mum. Urvi removes the jewelry. She lives as per Karn’s standards. Urvi’s mum and dad get worried seeing her. Urvi is keeping her promise given to Karn.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan gets intoxicated in the Christmas party. Parv gets a snake in the basket. He leaves the snake so that the snake bites Guddan and kills her. He scares Guddan. Guddan gets screaming seeing the snake. Akshat comes to her rescue and saves her.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika started changing her look and behavior to please Sahil. She attends the school function with Ved and Sahil. Vedika and Sahil take part in the quiz contest. Sahil tells a story of a strong relationship, while thinking of Vedika and him. He gets drawn towards her. They win the first prize in the contest. Bhoomi doesn’t tolerate this sight and leaves from the function. Vedika tells Bhoomi that she will not leave Sahil, and even he won’t leave her, their love will always keep them together. Bhoomi wants to kill Vedika to get her love Sahil.


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