Colors’ Mini Spoilers Internet Wala Love, Shakti

Spoilers Internet Wala Love, Shakti

Spoilers Internet Wala love: Jai and Aadhya come to meet the latter’s boyfriend. The mysterious man kidnaps Aadhya and takes her from the isolated house. Jai thinks she is hiding and fooling him along with her boyfriend, later he realized that she is kidnapped. He gets worried for her and regrets for bringing her there. He searches for Aadhya. The kidnapping drama will unite Jai and Aadhya. He saves her from the kidnapper. Aadhya reveals to him that she lied to him about her boyfriend.

Shakti: Harman and Soumya relish their happy moments while he tries to make Soumya remember her past with him. He takes her to temple and reminds her that they had tied the holy thread to the tree before also. Soumya and Harman tie the holy thread together on the holy tree. Soumya gets flashes of Harman and her before her memory loss. She prays to God to help her see the truth. Harman thinks if she gets her memory then it is his victory. Shanno returns home and sees Mohini with Veeran. She is already upset with Veeran and decides to help Harak Singh get back the property papers and regrets of her doings for greed. Mohini is helping Preeto so that she can get the house back.

Roop: Ishika and others leave to search Roop and Shamsher after finding the former’s location in the couple’s watch. Ranvir’s goon attacks Shamsher and Roop. They fight with them. Roop sees a goon aiming at Shamsher hiding, and shouts Papa to alert him. He runs to push and save Shamsher as the goon shoots at him. Roop pushes Shamsher and bears the bullet on his chest.

Ishika comes there and is shocked to see Roop getting shot. Shamsher is shocked to see his son injured and takes him in his lap. He tries to make him gain consciousness. He regrets to trust Ranvir and keeping his own son away from him. Police reach there. They take Roop to the hospital. Shamsher prays to God for Roop’s recovery. Ishika recalls Roop’s words that she will know his importance when he goes away from him. She wishes for his recovery. Shamsher to accept and welcome Roop and Ishika to his house.


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