High Five Spoilers: Yeh Un Dinon Silsila and more

Yeh Un Dinon Silsila and more

Spoilers for Yeh Un Dinon Silsila and more: Sameer and Naina’s wedding preparations are going on in full swing. Their engagement gets fixed. Sameer gets happy when Naina’s family sends an engagement ring for him. Vishika and family are very happy for Sameer. Sameer tries the ring happily. The ring is smaller in size. Vishika turns upset when the ladies taunt. Sameer gets angry and vents out anger on them. Sameer can’t hear a word against Naina. Vishika finds him really crazy for Naina.


Harman and Soumya have a pillow fight. They have cute moments. Harman runs away to get saved. Soumya teases him. Harman has finally convinced Soumya for living with him in his house. Harman is happy to get chance to spend time with her. He hugs Soumya and is really happy. They have a dreamy romance. Harman learns that Soumya is pregnant, and asks her if they should buy pink or blue toys, will it be a boy or a girl. Soumya shows him the bunch of toys and plays with it. Harman congratulates her for the good news. They have cute moments. They celebrate their happiness.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Akshat and Guddan share a moment. Guddan tells him that she is leaving his house for his betterment. She wants him to be happy. She is troubled by the Bahus. She makes a mind to pack her bags and leave from Akshat’s family. She has no relation with Akshat. She feels Akshat and his family don’t like her. Guddan knows just Dadi loves her. She hugs Dadi and asks her to take care and have medicines on time. Guddan makes an apology to Akshat and his Bahus. She gets emotional. The Bahus get happy that Guddan is finally leaving. Guddan doesn’t want to leave. Durga says you have come here for money, we have no relations with you, you can take the alimony and go to make your filmi career. Durga pays the money to Guddan and asks her to get lost. Guddan gets out of the Jindal family. Akshat feels sorry for Guddan.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and Aadhya get trapped in jungle. They try to find Mr. X. Jai suspects that Samrat is Mr. X, who is after their lives. Jai and Aadhya hide in someone’s car dicky. They don’t have any phone to call for help.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara reaches the bad area to buy the kerosene. She feels Kabeer will come after her to protect her. Zara gets troubled there. Some men try to catch her. Zara tries to run away. She gets kidnapped by the goons. Kabeer reaches the place and looks for Zara. He asks people if they have seen Zara. Zara falls in big trouble. Zara shouts to Kabeer for help. Zara and Kabeer have a hit and miss. Kabeer isn’t aware that Zara is in danger.

Mishti pushes Pari in the pool angrily. Mahek runs to the rescue. Mauli learns that Mishti is holding hatred for Pari. Mahek tells her that Mishti had locked Pari in washroom before and put the latter in risk. Mauli can’t believe Mishti’s insecurities growing so much that she is doing such big things against Pari. Mauli scolds Mishti for her indecent acts. She tells Mauli that Ishaan is her dad, and she will just love him. Mauli slaps Mishti. Mishti goes somewhere from the school. Kunal sees Mishti on the way, walking on the roads alone. He calls up Mauli and asks her where is Mishti. He learns about Mauli and Mishti’s argument. Kunal rushes to save Mishti.


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