Krishna Chali London Shukla to sense another doom

Krishna Chali London Shukla to sense another doom

Krishna Chali London Shukla stays worried about Dadda’s shift from the jail. He thinks Dadda is up to something again. Krishna gets scared to reach the college late on the first day of her college. Radhe tells her that he will make sure that she reaches there on time. Krishna and Radhe finally reach the college and get emotional. He keeps his promise. She gets grateful to him. Radhe tells her that he has gone to get some Aarti items so that he can wish her luck and seek blessings for her. She tells him that he has fulfilled her dreams. She goes to enrol in the medical course. She rushes to her class with many dreams in her eyes. Radhe waits for Krishna. He realizes that she didn’t eat the sweets. He tries to reach her. Krishna can’t believe that she is close to her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Shukla hides the problems from his family. His wife feels anxious and performs the havan. She prays for the family welfare and peace. Shukla is upset about his elder brother’s new drama. They get bad signs when the havan kund fire gets off. Pandit tells Shukla that his family is going to face doom.

Shukla’s wife gets worried since they have just got over some problems. She doesn’t want the problems to return in the family. Krishna reaches late for the class and comes across Dr. Veer, who doesn’t leave the chance to insult her. He gets angry on her and gets breaking her confidence. He makes strong accusations against her, and makes her cry. Krishna loses her confidence during her second meet with Veer. He expresses his dislike for her. He makes her out of the class. Krishna apologizes to him. He states the problem he holds against her. He tells her that she should better go back to her country, than wasting her time in the medical college.


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