TR’s Quick Reads: Udaan Roop and more

Udaan Roop and more

Spoilers for Udaan Roop: Roop returns to his family. He comes back home. Shamsher and family welcome Roop. Shamsher beats up the dhol and is happy. Ishika and her family meet Roop. Ishika does Roop’s aarti on Kamla’s saying. Ishika gets reprimanded by Shamsher. He tells her that she isn’t his bahu, he didn’t attend her wedding, he won’t give her the rights of bahu. Ishika agrees to leave along with the family. Roop stops Ishika and tells her that she won’t be leaving. Roop tells Shamsher that Ishika is his love and wife. He wants to save his relation with Ishika. He also agrees to leave the house and go with her. Kamla stops Roop and asks him to stay back, they will accept Ishika. Shamsher unwillingly accepts Ishika in the family. Kamla does Roop and Ishika’s Grahpravesh.


Chakor gets into a fight with Akash, when he tries to misbehave with her. Chakor tells him that he has done a big mistake by badly eyeing her. She overpowers him and beats him with a stick. She scolds him for insulting their relations. She exposes Akash in front of family. Even when Akash keeps another face in front of everyone, Chakor is ready to expose him and fulfill the challenge.

Chakor tells Akash that she will make sure that he gets punished. Tejaswini feels Akash is a humble man and counters Chakor’s statements. She asks Chakor not to break the family by her madness again. Chakor tells Tejaswini that she will get evidence against Akash and expose him very soon. Raghav tells Chakor that he is with her, he will not spare Akash. Akash and his family pack bags to leave the haveli. Tejaswini stops them and apologizes on Chakor’s behalf.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:

Pancham tells Ilaychi that he has got a surprise for her. He shows her Pancham loves Ilaychi ji’s tattoo. She gets a big surprise and asks him if the tattoo is true. Pancham has taken romantic pills, and is acting too romantic with Ilaychi. Ilaychi asks him not to declare their love this way, they have to first convince her parents. Pancham is going crazy. He isn’t able to stop himself. He is expressing his love in every way. She is enjoying the romance, but she is also scared that things can go wrong. She is in a fix. She wants Pancham to express love and then wants things to change as well. There are a line of hilarious moments. Murari gets coming in between them. Ilaychi hides Pancham’s romantic gestures from Murari.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Mishri learns that Akhilesh is her father. She goes to meet him before he leaves the village. Akhilesh gets a challenge in the wrestling match and also gets to see Mishri wrestling there. He realizes that she is really strong as she boasted about her before. Akhilesh spots Ira near the grounds, when she comes there to look for Mishri. He tries to meet Ira. Mishra tells him that she has learnt about her father. She discloses that he is her father, and also shows the Hanuman Gada locket which belongs to him. Akhilesh gets hugely moved by Mishri’s truth. He learns that Mishri is Ira and his daughter. He wants to confront Ira for hiding such a big truth.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Sudha fools Sudha into believing that Rohan has Ananya’s heart beating in him. Simmi gets worrying for Rohan, when he gets dengue fever. He suffers while sleeping on the kitchen floor. He gains sympathy from Simmi. Simmi gets too worried for Rohan and tells Raman and Ishita that she can’t see Rohan in this pathetic state. She rushes Rohan to her room and makes him rest on the bed. When Rohan fools her calling her mom, Simmi gets emotional as if Ananya has called her. Simmi gets caring for Rohan. Rohan is taking advantage of her emotions so that he gets released from Bhalla family tortures.


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