Yeh Un Dinon Dual Marriage Dramatic Dilemma next

Yeh Un Dinon Dual Marriage Dramatic Dilemma next

Yeh Un Dinon Dual Marriage twist. Everyone in the Agarwal’s house agree for Naina and Sameer’s alliance hesitantly. Mr. Sumani plays to insult Agarwal’s family so that they refuse for their alliance. He tells that Sameer will never know what happened in the evening. Vishaka is upset with Naina and comes in Mama and Mami’s influence and negative talks. Anand pleads in front of Taya ji and Rakesh to meet Sameer’s parents. Rakesh opposes for Naina and Sameer’s wedding and refuses to meet them. Naina’s happiness turned dim as Rakesh’s approval was not for her marriage.

Preeti and Swati help Naina get ready for meeting Sameer’s family. Munna and Pandit help Sameer to get ready. Maheshwaris come to Agarwals’ house. Naina’s family gets insulting them by keeping silence. Naina happens to meet Sameer’s family. She turns happy knowing the talks are going ahead. Naina doesn’t realize the tensions forming between the families. The families try to cut off the alliance by bringing some unhappy taunts in the middle.

When Vishaka, Bobby Sumani and others face tough time adjusting in Naina’s house, Vishika’s uncle decides to insult Rakesh and Anand when they come over to their house to discuss about engagement. Sameer finds things going abrupt during the talks and takes a stand for his love Naina again. He doesn’t want the families to take the talks negatively ahead. Sameer tells Naina that he will not let anything go wrong and assure that their marriage happens. Sameer gets threatening Vishika timely so that she doesn’t come under Bobby’s words.

Sameer and Naina realize that the pandit who revealed about their two marriages have created more trouble for them. The families have a long debate over Sameer and Naina’s character and college romance, before accepting their Kundli dosh and remedies. Sameer and Naina promise each other that they will always love each other and remain loyal under all the circumstances.


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