YRKKH Shocking Kartik to race against time

YRKKH Shocking Kartik to race against time

YRKKH Shocking Kartik and Naira fulfill the puja rituals and tell the baby that they love him a lot, and don’t want to fight again. Naira apologizes to the baby because of Kartik’s fears. She knows Kartik is a loving husband and can become a doting father as well, but his fears are putting a restraint on their happiness. Dadi wants to get a heir for Goenka family. She hides the fact that she is making the prayers performed for getting a baby boy in the family. Naira performs the rituals with a sinking heart. She knows she won’t be having any happiness left. Kartik spots a toy shop and goes to buy some stuff and toys. Naira gets mistaken that he is unhappy with the puja as well, so he has left.

Kartik gets charmed seeing the cute baby products. He wishes to buy the entire baby shop. Dadi asks Naira to find out where did Kartik go. Naira thinks Kartik has left from the temple and goes to the hospital for abortion. Dadi takes the Mauli thread for Naira. She misses to see Naira.

She wants to avoid the ladies, who will badly eye their family and coming happiness. Naira is in dilemma over the abortion. She goes for the procedure and puts her phone away, after leaving a message for Kartik. Naira’s message doesn’t reach Kartik on time. He fails to read the message. Naira waits for his reply. Kartik waits for Naira at the cafe and give the perfect baby toy as a gift. Naira feels she can’t abort her child. She wants to talk to someone, since she can’t decide this alone. Kartik tries reaching Naira. Naira gets certain about her decision. Kartik reads Naira’s message that she is aborting the child. He races against time to reach Naira and save his baby. He fears for the outcome, which can be anything shocking.



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