Big twists in Ishq SubhanAllah and Aapke Aa Jane Se

Ishq SubhanAllah

Big Twists in Ishq SubhanAllah Zara is upset since Kabeer doesn’t understand her. Her relation with Kabeer is getting worse. Aisha scolds Zara and calls her a bad wife. She says Zara is using Kabeer for her selfish motives. She regrets that Zara has got bad upbringing by her parents, that she is breaking their family. She asks Zara why is she doing this. Zara tells Aisha that she wants to make Kabeer a better person, if Aisha feels Kabeer is a great man, she feels that he is a useless man. She wants to bring Kabeer out of Shahbaz’s control. She wants Kabeer to earn everything on his own and be confident. She asks Aisha doesn’t want Kabeer to become independent. She promises to always keep the family respect protected. Aisha calls her a big liar and a clever manipulative woman. Zara gets much hurt by Aisha’s taunts. She feels like losing Aisha’s trust. Zara is just trying to save Kabeer’s future.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika plays a drama. She repeats Sahil and her love story in the special program. She tells everyone about the unique story, which started 6 years back in Kanpur. She describes her past, where she was living a simple life with her mum and daughter. She narrates how she met the young guy Sahil, who fell in love with her, without considering their big age difference.

Vedika brings the drama played by actors, who repeat all the moments happened between Sahil and Vedika. Vedika says Sahil has brought a big storm in my life, his love was so true that he fought with all the odds. She doesn’t want to compel the memories on Sahil, and takes it easy so that he remembers their past. Vedika has much belief and hope, since Sahil is getting the memory flashes. Usha interrupts Vedika and scolds her for playing such a big fake drama to capture Sahil’s senses. Usha tells Sahil that he is her son Jacky. Sahil gets in dilemma and gets recollecting his past with Vedika in bits. Will Vedika succeed in her attempts to win Sahil’s love? Keep reading.


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