Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Heer Ranjha romance twist next

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar and Lovely's close moment next

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Heer Ranjha play scripted by Kulfi and Amyra. Sikandar gets happy meeting Amyra. He asks Amyra to stay with him. Lovely refuses to him. She tells him that they have just come for the rehearsals. She tells that they can’t come together now. Kulfi asks them to play the lovers Heer Ranjha. She doesn’t know the story well. Sikandar tells her that he is aware of the story. He understands the innocence of his daughters and agrees to them. He sings a lovely song for them. Amyra and Kulfi get happy that Sikandar and Lovely are coming close. Lovely gets angered thinking he is still remembering Nimrat and their love. Sikandar recalls Nimrat and regrets to lose to their destiny. He feels the pain of getting away from his love. He wanted to live happily with Nimrat.

The separation breaks him down. Sikandar cries holding the memories of Nimrat. Lovely understands him and cries. She doesn’t want Nimrat and Kulfi to ruin their relations. Amyra gets upset knowing about Heer and Ranjha’s separation tale. She hates the story and tells Kulfi that her parents won’t be part of this play. Kulfi tells him that the story is very beautiful.

Amyra fears that this story will turn true and her parents will get separated. Kulfi stops Sikandar from consoling Amyra. She rushes after Amyra and wants to know the reason of her fears. Amyra shares her fears. Kulfi tells Amyra that Sikandar and Lovely’s hearts will unite again, irrespective of the story. She tells Amyra that she will make sure that they unite their parents. She promises Amyra that everything will be fine. She asks Amyra to trust Sikandar at least. Lovely tries to bond with Sikandar. She questions him if he was thinking about her or Nimrat while singing the song of Heer and Ranjha.

She wants to know if he is still in love with Nimrat. Kulfi finds Sikandar in a fix. She tries to help him by saving him from the answers. Sikandar gets speechless when Lovely cries because of his love for someone else. Sikandar tells Lovely that he isn’t a good lover, since he has failed to keep his promises again. He tells her that he regrets for breaking her heart as well. Lovely gets amazed knowing she has made a place in his heart. She wants to unite with him. They have an emotional moment.

Kulfi wants Nimrat to help her in uniting Sikandar and Lovely. Amyra and Kulfi meet the principal and ask her to change the ending of the play. They want the ending to be a happy one, so that the lovers unite. Principal tells them that she can’t change the climax of the story, Heer and Ranjha never united. She turns down their request. Kulfi and Amyra want Sikandar and Lovely to romance and confess love during the play. Amyra tells her that they can change the script of the play as per the situation needs. Kulfi tells Amyra that Nimrat has told her about Sikandar and her love story. Amyra gets interested in knowing it.

Amyra tells Kulfi that they will put these moments in their play. Kulfi fears that this will upset Lovely more. Amyra is confident that Lovely and Sikandar will get back together, once they attempt to forget their differences. Lovely wants Sikandar to appreciate her efforts. Sikandar and Lovely don’t fight, since they are in one team. Kulfi and Amyra explain the scene to Sikandar and Lovely. They both aim the same thing. Sikandar and Lovely get arguing and call off the play participation.


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