Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Parmeet and Sudha turn wicked

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Parmeet makes a shocking confession

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Parmeet returns to take revenge on Ishita. Iyers regret for Mr. Iyer’s state, since Nisha has made the fatal attack on him. Raman and Ishita handle the matter. They try to secure the family. They inform the police that Nisha is the prime suspect, Nisha had come in disguise and attacked Mr. Iyer. Inspector asks the watchman to stay alert and check anyone who comes to meet Iyers. He tries to find Nisha and arrest her. Raman tells Bala that they should not trust anyone. Simmi gets a parcel for Rohan. Ruhi asks Simmi why is she worried for Rohan so much. Simmi tells Ruhi that Rohan is staying with them, and its their duty to look after him.

Simmi takes care of Rohan, and touches his heart by her efforts. Rohan feels sorry to trick her. Mrs. Iyer feels bad for not becoming strength of the family and losing out. Maenwhile, Simmi gets emotional thinking of Ananya and seeing her in Rohan. She doesn’t disturb Rohan’s sleep. Karan praises Sudha for making such a fool proof plan. The Bhallas try to shoulder the Iyers in the time of sorrow and tensions. Raman tells them that there is a good news since Nisha got arrested.

He tells that Mr. Iyer is free of all the charges now, since Nisha has accepted her crimes. Ruhi wants to celebrate Christmas. Raman wants Ishita to become the Santa. He tells them that they will choose the Santa. Simmi tells Raman that they shouldn’t disturb Rohan. Karan gets busy in managing the work. Mihika gets torturing him with more work. Rohan takes good rest. Karan is content that his brother is saved. He is sure that Simmi will come to his rescue. Aaliya and Ruhi trouble Karan, while Simmi looks after Rohan.

Rohan’s behavior remind her of Ananya. Rohan feels sorry to play with her emotions. He tells her that he is missing Sudha. Sudha asks Rohan to fool Simmi further so that they succeed in their plans. Sudha tells him that she will visit him when she gets free from work. Sudha meets Parmeet. They together make a plan to kill Ishita. Parmeet tells Sudha that she can get her sons back if she joins hands with him. He turns evil again and gets Sudha’s support too.


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