Yeh Un Dinon Invitations begin for Sameer-Naina wedding

Yeh Un Dinon Wedding accomplished for Sameer-Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Invitations for Sameer and Naina’s marriage will be something appealing to watch. They become filmi and invite everyone for their marriage, taking avatar of Salman and Madhuri from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. They look cute together and remind those old days again. Sameer gives her roses. Naina gets shy when Sameer tells their marriage date. Sameer tells her that she has become his life and now he can’t live away from her for a moment. He wants to marry Naina soon. Sameer’s love gets accepted by everyone, because of his suicidal threatening.

Even when the families agreed for the marriage, there will be drama and hurdles in Sameer and Naina’s marriage. The families don’t like this alliance. Naina fears that their marriage can stop mid way, but Sameer assures her that they will get married, since they know how to convince them. Sameer and Naina are very happy and count days for their marriage. Sameer and Naina’s love gets arranged. They wish that there isn’t any other obstacle in their love story.

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