High Five Spoilers Kulfi Ishqbaaz Muskaan

Spoilers Kulfi Ishqbaaz Muskaan

Spoilers Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Amyra make a plan to unite Sikandar and Lovely. They dance happily and are hopeful that the play of Heer and Ranjha will bring them closer. Kulfi wants to write the story in a way that brings them together. She doesn’t want the bad ending in the story. She unites the lovers in the climax. She changes the complete story. She tells Amyra that Sikandar and Lovely will rekindle their love by enacting in the play and then they will forget about the divorce. Amyra hopes that Kulfi’s words get true. Sikandar and Lovely get ready to play the lovers in the play. They get into an argument while enacting. Amyra tells Kulfi that they should change Heer-Ranjha’s sad love story and make Sikandar and Lovely play DDLJ’s SRK and Kajol, so that they unite in the story’s end. They keep their planning secret. They hide their friendship and fight in front of others.

Shivaansh witnesses Aditi’s tough cop personality and gets smitten. He insults her for her low status first, but then he realizes that she is a woman of substance, just like his mother Anika. He finds her equally amazing like Anika. Shivaansh likes Aditi’s swag when she fights some goons. He can’t get her off his mind. He thinks of Aditi and also her challenge that she will expose him. Aditi can’t bear anything wrong happening around and reacts in her own way. She fights with evil and protects people. She tells Shivaansh that she will not leave anyone who breaks laws and the humanity norms. Shivaansh wants to know her more.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep and Abhimanyu get into a fight. Mr. X kidnapped Aarohi. Deep suspects Abhimanyu when he finds her wearing similar hood. He beats up Abhimanyu. Someone throws a note for him and asks him to save Aarohi. Deep realizes that Abhimanyu isn’t Mr. X. Both of them decide to team up and save Aarohi, since they wish her welfare.

Ronak and Muskaan throw a Christmas party for the family. Ronak takes her help in exposing Sir ji’s truth. Muskaan tells him that Shalu will be bringing out Sir ji’s truth. Sir ji wears the mask in the masquerade party to hide from Shalu. Ronak asks Shalu to identify her dad and shout out. Sir ji’s mask falls down when he come in front of Shalu. Shalu sees him and shouts that he is her dad. Gayatri gets a huge shock on knowing this truth. Sir ji accepts that Jaya is his second wife and Shalu is his daughter. Sir ji’s truth comes out in front of his family. Gayatri slaps Sir ji and gets much disappointed. Ronak and Muskaan succeed to expose his truth, but only in Ronak’s dramatic dream. Ronak tries to work out his plan. Sir ji finds ways to get rid of Jaya and Shalu. He orders Jaya to return to her house.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Akshat realizes Guddan’s worth when she leaves from the house. He gets missing Guddan and recalls her silly mistakes. He feels Guddan isn’t bad hearted and maybe she wasn’t responsible for Durga’s state. He decides to meet Guddan and get her back to the Jindal house.

Ishika takes care of Roop, since he has got shot. They have a sweet moment. Roop holds her hand and thanks her for the concern. They are in love, but didn’t confess it yet. Ishika realizes her love for Roop, knowing he has always stood for her. Her thinking about Roop changed. She has accepted him as her life partner. She is keeping a Bahu’s duty in Roop’s family. She wants to keep all her duties and also manage her relations.

She believes that Roop is a nice man and possesses all the good qualities. Roop succeeds to win her heart. Roop and Ishika prepare for her First rasoi rasam. Roop prepares the dough and vegetables. He helps Ishika in cooking. He proves that he is an ideal husband. He instructs Ishika and tells her that everyone will love the food. Ishika gets caring for Roop, when she finds him getting tired. Roop tells her that he is fine and is used to cook on traditional stoves. He surprises Ishika by his multiple talents. They have a romantic moment while cooking. He cares for Ishika, when her hand gets a burn. She gets happy to be with Roop.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira doesn’t want Kartik and Dadi to overfeed her. She wants to eat what she likes. Kartik and Dadi want to assure that Naira and baby stay fine. Kartik doesn’t want any complications. Naira feels like puking when they feed her too much sweets. She tells them that she can’t digest everything, she wants to eat limited things of her choice. She tells Kartik that she can’t take love overdose. Kartik and Dadi compete to shower love and care on Naira.


Veeran and gang drink and dance to celebrate their victory. Harman breaks the door and gets in. Harman, Raavi and Harak get the sticks to beat up Veeran and Varun. Preeto and Soumya watch the drama. Harak and his children take revenge. Soumya stops Harman from bashing them more. Harman warns Veeran and asks her to leave and not come back to the family ever. Preeto takes Shanno’s class. She asks Raavi to shut the door and not let Shanno free. She wants Shanno to repent for her mistakes as well.


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