Internet Wala Love Aadhya’s lie to create big troubles

Internet Wala Love

Internet Wala Love: PK sees the Police raiding the Sanskar lodge suspecting illegal activities. The manager tells that he is doubtful on two guys and a girl who took rooms in the lodge. PK rushes to Aadhya’s room and informs them about the raid. Jai and Aadhya are shocked. Jai says let’s jump off from the window. PK says I will go first. Jai stops him and says Aadhya will go first through the window. PK runs out from the door. Jai tries to help Aadhya climb the window and tells her how is your boyfriend, he left you and ran from here. He tries to help Aadhya holding her, but they slip and fall on the bed together.

The Police enter the room and see them holding each other. The Police misunderstand the situation and arrest them for wrongdoings. Jai and Aadhya are shocked. Shubhankar gets angry with Aadhya and bursts his anger on her. He tells her that he already told her not to break his trust. Aadhya cries and tries to explain to Shubhankar.

Jai thinks he has to fix up everything in Aadhya’s life. Jai meets Shubhankar and apologizes to him. Aadhya also clarifies her stand to her dad. She apologizes for ashaming him. She asks Shubhankar to slap her, but talk to her. Jai tells Shubhankar that its all his fault, he didn’t know about the lodge, if he knew this would happen, he would have protected her in advance. He fails to save her from problems. Aadhya regrets since this happened because of her lies. Jai questions Aadhya about her boyfriend. He asks her how can he love someone, who isn’t brave to stand by her. He tells Aadhya that he didn’t spare Samrat and now he won’t spare PK. Aadhya worries that Jai will know about her fake boyfriend.


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