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Quick Reads Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Anand and Bela cry after Mr. Sumani and Mama ji insult their family. Sameer comes to know about this and confronts his family. He takes them to Naina’s house in the night itself. Anand opens the door and is shocked to see Sameer coming there with his family members. Naina and Preeti come to the hall and see them. Sameer smiles seeing Naina. Anand asks them why did they come so late in the night, after insulting them. Sameer apologizes on behalf of his family and tells that his love for Naina is true and will not get less in any circumstances. Sameer assures cordial terms between the families once their relation forms for the lifetime.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni and Suyash fall in new trouble. A minister attends the Christmas party at Rawat mansion. Some goons come there to kill the minister. Baby falls in trouble as well. The goons tie up a bomb to the baby, knowing the minister is going to take baby in arms. Falguni and family receive a big shock when this truth gets known to her. She tries to save the baby. The goons try to snatch the baby from her. Falguni wants to get rid of huge danger. Suyash beats the goons. He protects the family and also manages to save the baby’s life.

Perfect Pati:
Pushkar shocks the family by his different avatar. He wears a saree and acts like Rajshri. He tortures Vidhita. She asks Maasa and Rangeela to help her. Rangeela gets scared of Pushkar. She asks Pushkar what would he do if Meera marries someone mad and torturing. Pushkar gets angry on her. Vidhita faints down. Rangeela thinks she has died. When the police arrives home, Pushkar hides Vidhita so that he cheats the police. He gets Maasa and Rangeela on his side.

Roop: Ishika realizes her feelings and cares for Roop seeing his injured condition. She understands Roop protected Ranvir and their family reputation by not giving a statement against him. Shamsher brings Roop home. Kamla tells Shamsher that she needs to talk to him. Shamsher asks her to do the aarti first. Jigna and Kinjal move away and show Ishika to Roop. Roop gets surprised. Shamsher thinks if this girl will stay here in his house. Ishika does Roop’s aarti and welcomes him. Shamsher is irked, but Kamla asks him to calm down and let Ishika stay in the house.

Shakti: Sameer and Harak Singh are happy that they plan succeeded to separate Harman and Soumya. Sameer says he is sure that Soumya will hate Harman now. Soumya talks to unconscious Harman and tells that she came to know about his truth, but wants to hear it from him. She sees Harman not getting up and tells that she can’t let him sleep today. She puts water on his face and asks him to get up and answer her question. Harman opens his eyes a bit and says Gulabo. She asks do you want to really sell me and asks him to swear on her. Harman is still in medicine effect and tells I love you and hugs her. Soumya thinks Harman is acting and decides to confront him when he wakes up in the morning. She decides to go with Sameer. Preeto gets tensed about Veeran’s threat to leave Shanno in exchange of Mohini and Kishan Lal.


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