Udaan Chakor and Imli cross paths again

Udaan: Chakor and Imli cross paths again

Udaan Chakor and Imli will be seen having sisterly bond again. Chakor and Raghav get Rajjo and Anjor with them, and leave the haveli. They go to stay with Imli in Kasturi’s house. Chakor wants to punish the real culprit. Tejaswini opposes Chakor from filing FIR against Akash. She asks Chakor not to strike the family again because of her mad fight for justice. She blames Chakor for Suraj’s death. She starts disliking Chakor and wants her to stop being great. Chakor chooses to fight for justice. She leaves the family and goes to her Maayka. She gets a shocker when she sees Imli transforming the house into something else.

She asks Imli why did she change the house and turned it lavish. She feels bad that the house has lost its charm and memories because of Imli. Imli tells Chakor that Chakor shouldn’t see everything negatively. She explains that she has decorated the house as the haveli only for them, knowing they are soon arriving. Imli asks Anjor to feel comfortable. Chakor asks her to leave from the house. Imli tells her that she also has a right on their parents’ house. Chakor reminds her that their parents have ended ties with Imli. Raghav tries to stop their arguments.

Chakor tells Imli that the house belongs to just her. She threatens to call police and throw Imli out. Imli tells Chakor that she can help her in the fight of justice. Chakor asks her to stop pretending good. Chakor protects Anjor from Imli. She doesn’t trust Imli. Chakor tells Imli that she doesn’t want any comforts, she is habitual to simple living. Chakor doesn’t want to live with Imli under one roof. Imli tells her that she will help her in the justice fight. Chakor and Imli get into a fight.

Raghav convinces Chakor to stay with Imli, since Imli can help them in getting justice for Rajjo, they should focus on main goals, than holding the past issues. He believes that Imli is changing and she really wants to do good to them. He asks Chakor to give a chance to Imli. Chakor agrees with Raghav. She wants to punish Akash. She tells Raghav that they have to find evidence against Akash. Chakor and Imli’s cat fights will be seen. Chakor wants to live in the village and initiate a fight against Akash. She suspects that Imli is planning something against her again. She recalls the pain Imli has given her in the past and doesn’t want to fall in any other trap.


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