Upcoming in Ishqbaaz Pyaar Ki Dhinchak Kahani

Upcoming in Ishqbaaz Pyaar Ki Dhinchak Kahani

Upcoming in Ishqbaaz Pyaar Ki Dhinchak Kahani – Shivaansh and Aditi’s love story. Shivaansh acts like a cool dude. He has a soft heart. He cares for everyone. He makes a generous donation to his staff member. Shivaansh can’t see anyone sad. He learns that the guy’s mother is unwell. Shivaansh gives paid leave to the guy and also does arrangements for his mother’s treatment. The guy gets thankful to him. Shivaansh says anything for a mother, you just take care of him. The guy says my mother is your big fan, she will be happy knowing your great gesture. Shivaansh sends a gift for his mother. Avi and others praise Shivaansh. The guy says my mother will get fine knowing all this and seeing your gift. Shivaansh wishes him luck. Avi meets Shivaansh and tells him about the new movie offer. He tells Shivaansh that its an action movie, and this is the change he was waiting for.

Shivaansh refuses to sign the movie. He tells Avi that he is a romantic hero, he is not good at action. Avi reasons out and asks Shivaansh why is he denying. Khanna tells Avi that Shivaansh is scared of gun.

Avi laughs on Shivaansh’s fear. Shivaansh doesn’t say anything and remains numb. Khanna defends Shivaansh’s phobia and tells the truth behind Shivaansh’s decision. Shivaansh doesn’t want Khanna to reveal anything. Avi wants Shivaansh to get over his fears and think of progressing in his career. Khanna knows the back story of Shivaansh’s parents. Khanna tells them that everyone has some phobias, this doesn’t mean that Shivaansh is mocked. Shivaansh tells them that he isn’t experienced in action genre. The secret of Shivaansh’s past will be out. Shivaansh has witnessed the death of his parents, and holds big fears in his mind. Keep reading.


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