Udaan Chakor Imli union to bring a storm

Udaan A love triangle to complicate bonding terms

Udaan Chakor Imli will be soon teaming up for a cause. Akash gets a corrupt inspector in town. When Chakor files FIR against Akash, inspector questions Rajjo about the rape incident and humiliates her. He makes Rajjo ashamed. Rajjo leaves from the police station. Akash sends the goons to kill Rajjo. Rajjo meets with an accident. Rajjo loses hope that she will survive. She doesn’t want Chakor and Raghav to fall in trouble and asks them to back out from the fight. Chakor promises her that she will punish her culprits.

Chakor and Raghav rush to save her life. Chakor and Raghav get a huge shock when Rajjo breathes her last. They cry for Rajjo’s loss. They want to get justice for Rajjo. Rajjo was dear to Chakor’s heart like a sister. Chakor feels heartbroken on losing her. They realize that Tejaswini is supporting Akash and also controlled the police by her contacts. Tejaswini doesn’t let inspector arrest Akash. Inspector reaches the accident site and pities Rajjo, who was going against influential people.

Raghav tells Chakor that police won’t take any help against haveli people, they have to help themselves in order to win the justice fight. Raghav tells her that he will decide the future of Akash now, he will not spare Akash. He had regarded Rajjo as his sister. He mourns a lot for Rajjo’s death. Raghav wants revenge for her murder. Chakor and Raghav perform the final rites of Rajjo. Imli joins them and swears to support Chakor and Raghav. Chakor wants to fight the battle and expose Akash’s true face. Imli tells Chakor that she regrets Rajjo’s death and will fight the battle of justice.


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