Upcoming on Star Plus Christmas Twists and Drama

Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Christmas Surprise Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: The Fun begins in Bhalla Family when everyone checks the gifts. Ishita gifts Raman. She is his Secret Santa. Raman doesn’t like gift. He gets disappointed with her. Simmi makes sure that Rohan enjoys the party. Rohan gets thanking her for making him part of the family. Raman asks Ishita if she couldn’t gift him anything else than a head massager. Ishita is sure to convince him. She tells Raman that she knows his needs and his health issues. She wants to comfort him. She tells him that she knows everything about him and wants him to stay with her always. Raman gifts her a watch and impresses her. Raman tells her that someone from the family will come in between and break their moment. Bhallas and Iyers sing and dance, celebrating Christmas.

Rohan enjoys the sight. Sudha and Parmeet arrive in the party. Parmeet takes the Santa disguise to ruin their family peace. Raman tells them that he didn’t invite any Santa. Sudha tells them that she has got the Santa to double the fun. She asks Raman to let the Santa entertain them. Sudha wants to settle the scores. Parmeet spreads some deadly smoke in the house to make everyone unconscious.

He kidnaps Ishita and sends her away from the family. He gets back to his true avatar. Raman and family gain consciousness and don’t find Ishita anywhere. Raman realizes that Ishita is kidnapped. Ishita finds herself in the goons’ clutches. She wants to get free. Simmi realizes Parmeet’s evil misdeed.

Krishna Chali London:
Veer criticizes Krishna just because she is an Indian. He asks her to stay happy in her married life and forget becoming a doctor. He insults her like before. Krishna breaks down with Veer’s demeaning moves. Krishna gets angry on Veer when he insults Radhe. She also criticizes Veer and tells him that he can never become righteous like Radhe. She finds Veer a heartless man, who doesn’t respect women. She lectures Veer while defending Radhe.

She tells him that he can never value relationships and know the strength of it. She tells him that Radhe is far more sensible and sincere than him. On the other hand, Gajanan breaks the good news to Lali that she is recovering. He shares his happiness with her. He asks her to take precautions and look after her health. Gajanan and Lali get thankful to Krishna who has made this day possible in their lives. They want Krishna to become a doctor and save people’s lives.

Krishna confronts Radhe for fighting her battle with Veer. She asks Radhe to let her handle her matters. Radhe apologizes to her. She tells him that she got in more trouble because of him. Radhe tells her that he has come with her only to fulfill her dreams, that’s the reason that he got angry on Veer. He expresses love to Krishna again. He tells her that making a new friend in London. He informs her about the Christmas invite. He wants to introduce her to Sunaina. They both aren’t aware that Veer is Sunaina’s son. Veer hates to hear anything about India. He condemns the Indians.

Sunaina finds him in a bad mood. She wants Veer to be happy. Krishna and Radhe come to meet Sunaina. Veer also attends the house party for the sake of Sunaina. Krishna gets a pleasant surprise on meeting Sunaina. They get a shock on finding Veer there. Sunaina introduces Veer as her son. Krishna turns upset meeting him. Veer conspires against Radhe and Krishna.



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