Jiji Maa Twist: Uttara’s crimes to get surfaced

Jiji Maa Twist: Uttara's crimes to get surfaced

Jiji Maa Twist: Suyash gets attacked in the factory. He wanted to go to make a settlement with the union leader. He got locked in the cabin, where Birju had released the poisonous smoke to kill him. Suyash gets saved fortunately. Birju gets caught by the police. Jayant and his sons want to know who is behind the crimes. Suyash asks Birju to tell them who is attacking the baby. Birju has accepted his crimes to commit fraud in the company and calling Suyash at the factory. Suyash says you called me there with another intention, you wanted to kill me. He asks who has sent you to kill me.

Birju tries to run away and takes the inspector’s call. Birju doesn’t tell them the truth and tries to run away from Rawat mansion. Inspector shoots down Birju. Suyash asks Birju to name his enemy. He wants to know who has hired Birju for his assassination. Birju signs towards Uttara before taking his last breath. Suyash and Falguni always knew that Uttara is their evil wisher. They don’t want prove Uttara’s crimes and get her punished.



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