Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Extreme step by Naira shocks Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Extreme step taken by Naira. Kartik and Naira celebrate Christmas happily. A new twist strikes when Dadi’s upsetting wish gets heard by Naira. Naira didn’t know that Dadi doesn’t value girl child. Dadi wants to explain Naira that she prefers a male child over a girl when Naira is giving just one child to the family. Dadi doesn’t want to take any chance. Naira wants the baby to get the love of entire family, without any biasing. She asks Dadi if she would love the baby less if its a girl. She gets disappointed with Dadi and asks how can she talk like illiterate people who condemn girl child.

The real Santa comes to take his payment. He tells Kartik that he was sitting outside and waiting for him. He reveals how Naira stopped him from getting inside. Kartik realizes that it was Naira who came as Santa and enjoyed a lot, she has even relished on some delicacies. He is happy that Naira is happy. He looks for Naira. He doesn’t find her in the room. He asks Manish and Dadi about Naira. Dadi gets worried since Naira has known the truth. Naira removes the Santa attire and goes out of the house. Naira cries in pain, while talking to the fraud doctor.

She drives off the ambulance knowing about the mobile set up done in the ambulance for the tests. She goes to the police station and exposes the illegal certified doctor. She gets the doctor arrested. Naira lodges a complaint against the doctor. She wants such evil people to get jailed for conducting such illegal tests. Naira returns home and tells the incident to Kartik. Kartik gets a shocker knowing Dadi’s wish which isn’t in their hands to fulfill. Dadi ruins Kartik and Naira’s happiness. Kartik turns more upset when Manish supports Dadi as well. Naira wants to change Dadi’s regressive thinking.

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