Shakti White Wedding for Harman and Soumya

Shakti Bahu Begum Sarrdarrni Colors Spoilers

Shakti White Wedding and happy moments will be seen next. A big happiness comes in Harman and Soumya’s lives after a long time. Harman and Soumya will be having a Christian Wedding. Their remarriage will be bringing romance moments for them. Everyone gets dressed in Western attires. Harman is very happy that he has succeeded to win Soumya’s love by making her regain her memories. He was sure that his Gulabo will be always with him. He knew Sameer can never snatch his love. Harman and Soumya get filmi and have a romantic dance. Harman stays mesmerized with Soumya’s stunning bridal avatar.

Preeto is happy for Harman and Soumya. Harman exchanges the ring and weds Soumya. He hugs Soumya. Surbhi and Raavi have planned the Christian Wedding for Harman and Soumya. The Punjabi families try this for the first time. Mohini performs in the wedding happily. She also values Harman and Soumya’s true love. Mohini congratulates Harman and Soumya for their union. Raavi gets a shocking parcel and gets worried. She sees the family happy on the stage, getting pictures clicked. She doesn’t want to inform them about the problem and ruin their happiness. Raavi falls in trouble. Harman and Soumya rejoice their happiness.


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