Internet Wala Love: Jai’s special surprise for the New Years

Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Jai wants to give all the happiness to Aadhya and plans special surprise for her. Jai and Aadhya want to be with each other. Aadhya wants Jai to realize their love. Aadhya loves him and knows she can’t enter Jai’s world unless he accepts her. She knows Jai regards her only a friend and is disheartened. She feels Jai can read her face vert soon and know that she is in love with him. She doesn’t want to lose his precious friendship. She feels once she goes away from him, things may fall in place. Jai feels Aadhya deserves all the best things in her life.

Aadhya makes up her mind to sacrifice her love in order to save her friendship. Jai doesn’t want Aadhya to celebrate the New years with PK. She tells him that she has already made the plans with PK. Jai tells her that he has also planned the surprise for her and will not let her go with PK. He asks her to go with PK some other day. He insists Aadhya and gets her to the restaurant. He tells her that he has booked the entire restaurant for her. She gets touched by his sweet gestures. He dresses up like a chef and serves her food. They together cut the cake.


Jai and Aadhya celebrate the New years in a romantic way. Jai and Aadhya have a romantic dance. Aadhya gets very much pleased and lives the most. She wants to collect the cherished memories. Jai gives her a lovely pendant as gift. He brings cute moments for his best friend. Aadhya regards it as love. Jai gives her a letter and expresses his love for his best friend. He tells her that he is possessive for her. Jai thinks of her love as friendship. She cries and gets emotional since she has decided to leave from Jai’s life. Jai wipes her tears. He doesn’t know what’s bothering Aadhya so much. He wants to be happy.


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