Kulfi Kumar Magical moments and wishes follow up

Kulfi Kumar Magical moments and wishes follow up

Kulfi Kumar Magical moments and wishes by Kulfi and Amyra. Lovely and Sikandar celebrate Christmas with Amyra and Kulfi. Lovely tells Sikandar to sing the song which he sings every year. Sikandar doesn’t respond to her. Kulfi insists Sikandar to sing the Christmas song. Sikandar sings Jingle Bells and also tells the girls about Santa Claus, who fulfills the wishes of little kids. He tells them that their wishes will also get true. Kulfi sings along Sikandar and brings smiles around. Sikandar likes her sweet innocence. Amyra also stays positive seeing Sikandar and Kulfi’s bonding, knowing Kulfi is trying to bring Lovely and Sikandar together.

Kulfi and Amyra try to unite Lovely with Sikandar and family. Gunjan stays upset with Lovely. Tony assures Apoorv that Lovely will not change her mind regarding the divorce. He doesn’t like Lovely’s way to celebrate Christmas with Sikandar. Kulfi gets happy and emotional seeing Sikandar and Amyra. She gets reminded about Nimrat.

She feels bad to lose her mother. She goes away to talk to Nimrat. She is happy that everyone is happy together. She wants them to be happy, but misses Tevar. She prays that Tevar also gets his daughter back.

Lovely realizes that Kulfi has gone away from them. She finds Kulfi talking to the stars. She feels guilty that she has separated Kulfi from her family. She didn’t wish to snatch Nimrat’s happiness. She apologizes to Nimrat and feels Nimrat hates her. She wants some happiness in her life. She wants to be true as Sikandar and Kulfi wants. She hopes that Nimrat forgives her for her misdeeds. On the other hand, Kulfi and Amyra decide to make a Christmas wish so that Sikandar and Lovely unite. Amyra doesn’t want their love to end. Lovely stays happy seeing everyone happy. Kulfi and Amyra hug and are happy together.

Lovely and Sikandar spend time together. They have emotional moment. Lovely tells Amyra that she has to leave for her house. She permits Amyra to stay back with Sikandar if she wants. Amyra gets upset and wants both her parents. She gets torn between them. Sikandar hugs her and sends her to Lovely. Kulfi shares Sikandar’s emotional moment. Kulfi and Amyra make their special wishes to unite Sikandar and Lovely by the help of Santa Claus. They wish Santa Claus really gets their wishes chit and fulfills. Amyra and Kulfi meet and share their happiness over Santa fulfilling their wish. They get spotted by Gunjan again and refuse to divulge anything. Amyra and Kulfi wait for the magical moment mistletoe between Sikandar and Lovely.


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