Silsila Drastic twists in Mauli and Kunal’s lives

Silsila Drastic twists in Mauli and Kunal's lives

Silsila Drastic twists to break Mauli’s heart. Mahek spends time with Pari. Pari falls in trouble when a dog barks and scares her. Radhika and Mishti happen to come for shopping at the same place. They find Pari in trouble. Mishti remembers Santa’s teachings and worries for Pari. She rushes to help Pari. She manages the dog and saves Pari. Mahek learns about Pari’s trouble and thanks Mishti. She hugs Pari and is proud of Pari and Mishti’s friendship. Radhika too is happy seeing a positive change in Mishti. Meanwhile, Kunal tells his plans to Mahek. He tells how he has angered Mauli to hate him. He doesn’t want Mauli to love him. He wishes she hates him and gets married to Ishaan.

Mahek gets upset with his silly plans. She can’t see his insults. He explains her that its all his plans and he doesn’t care for the insults. Mauli tells Dida and Radhika that Kunal has changed so much and turned insensitive. She doesn’t know how his inner goodness ended. Dida and Radhika feel bad for Kunal.

Mahek doesn’t want Kunal to face humiliation. Kunal is sure that his plan will work. Kunal gets a gift for Mauli and tells Ishaan that he has to send the gift to Mauli. He asks Ishaan not to check it.

Ishaan wants to sure of the gift. He doesn’t want to get out of Mauli’s life. Kunal explains that he is helping him and asks him not to worry. Mauli gets the lovely gift from Ishaan’s side. She finds the photo collage on the world globe. Mauli gets impressed seeing the collage. Dida tells Mauli that Ishaan has proved it today that Mauli is his world. Radhika too likes the beautiful gift. She asks Mauli to meet Ishaan and give him another chance. Kunal learns about Radhika and Mauli going for dinner. Kunal takes Mahek along for his next plan. He wants to make sure that Mauli’s dinner gets ruined by his rudeness.

He sees Mauli and Radhika seated in the restaurant. He gets into a fight with the waiter to get Mauli’s attention. When Mauli intervenes to sort the fight, Kunal vents out his frustration on her.

Mahek doesn’t want Kunal to fall in Radhika’s eyes. Kunal makes sure that Mauli’s heart breaks by the poisonous statements made against her. Mahek realizes Kunal’s plan. Kunal asks Mauli to stay out of his life and matters. He clears out to her that she shouldn’t judge him, since she has no right on him now. He asks Mauli to mind her own business and get lost. Radhika gets upset with Kunal’s behavior. She knows Mauli still has feelings for Kunal and his bitterness is breaking her heart. Radhika feels sorry for Mauli. Even Mahek limits Kunal for hiking the drama to that level. Kunal apologizes to the waiter and tells him about the drama. Radhika realizes Kunal’s huge drama and also the reason behind this. She gets confused over his intentions. Kunal starts falling in Mauli’s sight to break her heart.


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