Yeh Un Dinon Shocker for Naina; Huge drama ahead

Yeh Un Dinon Shocker for Naina; Huge drama ahead

Yeh Un Dinon Shocker for Naina during her engagement brings a lot of drama and twists. Sameer and Naina exchange the rings. There is a drama before the engagement. Sameer gives a shocker to Naina and everyone by refusing to make Naina wear the ring. Naina wants to believe Sameer, but doesn’t understand why Sameer is backing out of their much awaited engagement. Sameer then finds her tensed and calms her down. Sameer then speaks the reason behind his decision. He gives credit to those people who has built his love story with Naina. He speaks out interesting things and thanks Bela and Preeti for bringing Naina closer to him.

Sameer does this to involve the entire family in the engagement happily. Naina gets too happy. Sameer then asks for Naina’s hand to make her wear the ring. They are very happy to get engaged. Their friends ask them to dance along.

They get Sameer and Naina for the dance. They tell the lovers that its a good chance for them to express their love. After all, Sameer and Naina have turned their relation official and now have all the right to profess love without any fears. Sameer’s sister-in-law pulls his leg. Sameer and Naina stay shy. The family tells Naina that they have seen Naina dancing with happiness before, and wants her to dance again. Bela blesses Naina and asks her to dance with her at least.

Bela tells her that very soon the marriage will also happen the same way in peace. Sameer and Naina finally dance and express happiness. Sameer’s Bua tells the price of the diamond ring to insult Naina’s family. Bua tells Naina that they are super rich and can afford diamonds. She tells Naina that just Sameer could afford it for her. Bua taunts Naina’s family and asks them if they ever bought a diamond for their daughter. Bua tries to ruin their happiness. Bua ji tells them that Naina is lucky to get married in a rich household. She asks Naina to wear the ring with consciousness and not lose it.

Naina gets used to bear the taunts. Sameer takes a stand for Naina. He stops Bua ji from insulting Naina. He gets defensive of Naina and her family. He tells them that gift matters to him, not its price. He values the gift given to him by Naina’s family. He tells Bua that both the families are equal now, no matter their status or caste difference, he loves Naina and will treat her equally. He makes Bua speechless by his lovely speech in Naina’s favor. Vishika is happy for her son’s happiness.



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