Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Time for Simmi’s big revelation

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Time for Simmi's big revelation

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Time for Simmi’s big revelation about Parmeet. Ishita gets kidnapped by Parmeet and goons. She shouts for help. She wishes Raman and family reach to find her. Raman suspects Sudha is behind Ishita’s kidnapping. He confronts Sudha and questions her about Ishita. Sudha acts innocent. She tells Raman that she could have run away with her sons, if she was really behind this abduction. Rohan believes that Sudha didn’t harm Ishita. Even Karan defends his mother. Raman gets into an argument with Sudha and her sons. He gets worried for Ishita. Mr. Iyer falls ill by the stress. He wants Ishita back home safe. Raman gets further tensed. He pledges to find Ishita and get her home.

Raman and entire family try to find out Ishita. They realize the missing Santa and want to know who was he. Parmeet gets back to the hospital before anyone gets suspicious. He misleads the police. He is happy that everyone fell in his trap. Raman gets frustrated when he gets no lead about Ishita. He asks Bala to come along to find Ishita. Ishita struggles to get free. She gets in trouble when the kidnappers hurt her. She fails to know the main culprit. Raman ruins the decorations in anger. He doesn’t know how to find Ishita.

Karan gets happy seeing Bhallas in tension, since they have tortured him a lot. Ruhi is sure that Sudha is behind this. Simmi gets Parmeet’s ring and identifies it. She realizes that Parmeet is behind the kidnapping. Simmi reveals about Parmeet’s presence in the house.

Raman and family get worried knowing about Parmeet’s return. Simmi tells them that she had met Parmeet in the jail, but he couldn’t get released to do this crime. She doesn’t think Parmeet has escaped. Raman questions him about meeting Parmeet. Sudha and her doctors continue to mislead the police and buy some more time for Parmeet. Simmi lies to Raman and hides about Ananya’s heart transplant. Raman understands that she is lying. He tells her that he will not spare her if anything happens to Ishita.

Simmi also feels guilty for inviting troubles home. She hurts herself in the state of sorrow. Rohan consoles her and does aid to her wound. He reminds her of Ananya. He asks Simmi not to blame herself for Parmeet’s crime. Simmi hates Parmeet. Raman tries to find about Parmeet and gets a clue to get him arrested. Meanwhile, Ishita struggles to get freed from the kidnapped.


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